Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ed update

This blog is a funny thing, I never realize how many "readers" I have until something like "the Ed issue" comes up, for we have received a number of emails asking what is going on.... here's the latest...

Ed spent Tuesday night and all of Wednesday in the hospital.. this was to manage the pain and get his heart meds on a plain were they will be able to "operate"..... he came home feeling better with regards to the kidney stone.. but, picked up the flu (probably in the hospital, because we had been healthy here).. so he spent the better part of Thursday and Friday laying low. He seems better this morning, but still "aches" from the tail end of this flu ..

This coming Tuesday.. he goes into the hospital (day thing) and they are going to put a scope in to see exactly where this stone is... if the doctor can grab it with the scope, he will and that could be that. IF not, he will have to go back to the hospital on Thursday (when the ultrasound machine is at York Hospital) and they will "blast" it, hopefully, breaking it up into pieces that will pass. Course they always have to tell you about "all that could happen" , one being, that it doesn't break easily, and the ultrasound will have to be repeated at a later date.

So, best case, it can be done all on Tuesday.. worst case... it can't!!!!

He did "muddle thru" Sadie's little birthday party last night with all of the family here, but went up to bed before everyone had left, and he is "way bummed" at the idea that he should have been leaving for Daytona today with the guys. Oh well, it's easy to think of so many other things that could be "way worse".... so all in all, we're in pretty good shape around here, and just have to let things run their course and not get too impatient.

Our house is so quiet today!!!!! all we have (at the moment) are our own six cockers!!! All boarding dogs and foster dogs have left!!! I have been so used to counting up to 12 on some days, that only counting 6 makes me panic for a moment and wonder who is missing..... THAT will all change shortly as I have boarding dogs coming in this afternoon and a possible foster cocker.. for the time, I think I will enjoy the peace and the easy work load!!!!!!

the March quote from the Farmer's Almanac.... Winds ululate while snowflakes accumulate! So cold it's hard to believe we'll be relieved, but Spring has sunshine up her sleeve. And thought we're wary, we know that snow is temporary!!! Sounds like spring will find it's way north!!!!!!