Sunday, June 12, 2011

which came first??

We all know that famous question - which came first, the chicken or the egg. For me personally, I can easily answer that question... the chicken!!! My belief in God, and His wonderful creation tells me that He made the chicken and the egg followed. I also know that all things happen for a reason, and that each one of us are here by His design. Hopefully we fill our life plan, but that is our choice -if we fill it or not. I also know that people come into your life at the "perfect" time, and it amazes me over and over again when I learn about someone , who has seemed to be in the wings of my life, but never steps into my path until the time is meant to be. And if this blog is turning out to be another "sermon" well, so be it. But wait til you hear the story.

So, you all know our friends, Kelli and Rick. Well, Rick knows Marj and Joe. He met Marj at a therapy dog weekend that he was attending with his boxer Mindy. Marj attended the same weekend, training with her boxer Bob. And when Marj and Rick got to talking, turned out they knew many of the same folks. Marj keeps a blog as well, so Rick told her about my blog. When she popped on and saw "this horse" - a horse that she knew!!!!! She had been riding at the same stable where I had sent Tonka for training. She could hardly believe that this was the same one!!! She sent me a note and asked if it really was Tonka, and from there, we were blog friends!! I pop onto her blog (daily) and see what she is up to. We haven't really had the chance to chat much and always talked about getting together sometime soon.

Well, I sort of felt "soon" wasn't happening. So, I came up with a date and asked everyone to come and have dinner together... which we did last night. It was GREAT fun, and the more we all talked, the more we found that our lives have been running parallel all along. example --- Marj's hubby Joe, graduated from the same school that Ed and I did, but he really grew up in the same town that Rick did. When Marj moved out this way, she worked with many people that I knew and knew a huge number of the same people, the stories went back and forth all night long. Tonka was only one small piece of all the connections.

Now Marj works at a vet clinic which as offered to sponsor Otis, Rick's new NEADS puppy... and her boxer Bob, was a puppy that my good friend (Tina) dog's had had. It just goes on and on. When you actually try to wrap your brain around it, you can't... and you just have to give it up and call it... God's plan. And for me, adding new friends to my life is such a blessing...

So, for this one evening full of fun, and the promise of many other adventures to come... I am very grateful....and still slightly amazed.

graduation and summer things....

This past Friday, my little niece graduated from preschool, come fall, she is heading to kindergarten. The school that she went to, is the school where Kassy is a teacher. I smile when I think, wasn't it just last week that Kassy graduated from preschool?? and now here she is, a teacher at one. I know, you have all heard me say this before... "where does the time go??"

I brought Camille and Ginger along to the graduation, I'm always looking for those opportunities for Ginger. Naomi seemed quite pleased to see that Ginger had come to watch her graduate....

A "congratulation" hug..... it won't be long before those first pictures of "getting onto the school bus" will be taken!!!!

And summer has truly arrived when we begin to think about docks!!! It was our plan to get them in over the weekend, but with rainy weather on the way... Nate and Tom thought it might be better to do them earlier. So, they rushed out of work and came to get them done for us.

Ed and I are so grateful to have these two young guys willing to help out. I suppose we could wrestle the docks in, but it's so very nice not to "have to". The "boys" worked as quickly as they could, but the dark was closing in fast. Fortunately, because we had had such warm weather all last week, Nate said the lake wasn't too cold. But it did become too dark to work. They gave us a great start and now what is left to do, we can do ourselves.

The lake is beginning to have that "summer look".. the loons sing their songs

and lights twinkle around the shore.... summer has arrived, and I have plans to enjoy every moment...