Sunday, March 25, 2007

weekend work

We had a grand weekend, the weather on Saturday was beautiful, great weekend for getting some projects done around the house. Ed spent much of Saturday in the barn, sorting out and starting to tuck winter things away. I puttered around the house, took the dogs for a long walk and did a little sewing.

Now, as a rule, I don't like to sew on days that are nice outside, but Dancer needed me to finish up a little project for her. You see, the cats have pretty much taken over the garden window. It's a great place to sun themselves and watch all the activity outside. Since I don't (and never will) grow any plants there, I have just let them take it over. However, the grates that are on the bottom are easy things to catch their feet and nails on, so I decided that they needed a couple of comforty pillows. I no sooner got one done, and Miss Dancer had made a claim on it!!! She looks quite pleased at her "mommy's work"!!!

Then it was back to work in the sunroom. Ed gets the boards done out in the barn, and as soon as a batch is done, we work to get it up. This is a nice system, we usually have enough boards to take us a few hours to do, which turns out to be plenty when you are working overhead like this.

We figure we have about five more rows to do, and the ceiling will be done!!! Then it will be onto the floor. I am still pulling up the tiles, sadly, they are coming up easily... which means, Ed was right when he said the floor needed to be replaced!!!! (I was voting to keep the old tile floor) but I am sure that when it is all said and done, I will be happy that we did it too.

We got a new light for the porch door, so I am waiting for dark to arrive so I can check it out.... now... I think some Chinese food would be good for dinner...I am too pooped to cook!!!!