Saturday, November 28, 2015

odd project

The big furnace is chugging once again... later this year because we have been using the "new" inside furnace. Which has been nice since the days are really that cold... but once it does cool down, this wood furnace is still the best way to heat. The weather has been so odd... by now we should have a bit of snow, but that just hasn't been... however, I feel like we have a few extra days to get to those projects that were meant to be done all summer

One such project that Ed has been meaning to do is to run an electric line out to Denises barn. We didn't think that she would be staying with us this long, but since she is here... Ed wanted to get some electricity out to her building. When the days get short, chores are done in the dark, so this will be a big help if she can have lights in her building. I'm also thinking that heated water buckets will be a huge help in the winter... and now she can also heat her horses water tank, so they will have easy access to water all winter. 

It  will also be something we can continue to use even after she moves to her own place... so it's a good project to do.. but we never thought the ground wouldn't have any frost..

Mona was quite interested in the actives... She's such a funny girl... she has basically become the second barn cat... until it gets cold, then she'll move back to the house. She and Annabelle get along real well and I think Annabelle actually likes her company

Digging the ditch and running the line turned out to be a whole day project, as we thought it would. The sky looks like winter, but it's still pretty warm. Ed wanted to get this done and filled back before the end of the day... as it could freeze anytime.

Project well done, now Denise can fill her tank, the water won't freeze and we don't have to try and lug pails of water to her horses over the snowy barn yard (when that happens)... or in the wind and cold....