Sunday, August 16, 2009

"fireman's field day"... again!!!

Summer arrived just in time for the 93rd Annual Firemen's Muster. It was a beautiful day, and the parade was quite grand!!! I was in a bit of a panic about even being able to see this year's parade. With renters leaving and renters arriving... making sure the house was all set for both, plus doing barn chores and then the travel time down, I had some doubts that I would make it in time for the parade... but I did make it in time and was very happy about that.

It occurred to me that I have NEVER missed this event ONCE in my whole life!!! My Dad is a firefighter, which meant that I attended this event for the very first time when I was just five months old. THEN I married a firefigther and the tradition just continued. SO.. I wasn't about to break it, if it could be helped!!! Kas said that she has only missed one herself (last year when they were still in NC..) and Sadie also has only missed one, due to a camping trip... but I hold the record in this family!!!!

The "Red Shirts" pulling "Protection 2"...(Ed seems to think that a team of Percherons would look good in front of this item.. and I think that we couldn't find an insurance policy that would cover it!!!)

Miss Flame 2009.....

And "monster" fire trucks...
We brought the dogs to the parade with us, Sadie had Tatter, I had Camille, and Kas and Nate, brought Banjo and Charlie. Since this is such a noisy parade .. all the trucks run their sirens, we made escape plans ahead.. just in case some one got upset. But no one was bothered at all, and actually enjoyed the attention that they received. Certainly is good "socializing!!" wish I could have brought a horse with me!!!

After the parade is the "muster".. a series of games that the firemen play and compete against each other. There wasn't a big crowd this year.. maybe it was just too hot (summer has finally arrived with it's 90 degree temps) but there were a few running teams and some foods and other things to do. It's such a nice family event, and I always feel a little sad to see that not many "families" are taking advantage of it anymore.

And, After the "muster" comes the clambake and award ceremony. The bake was very good, but the building was so HOT, that I'm not sure I really "enjoyed" it. I guess we're just not used to having summer!!! It was good to spend sometime with old friends, and catch up on the news that we don't hear so much about, now that we live out of town.

Ed was this year's recipient of the "Chief" Award" for his 32 years of service with the fire company. As you all know, due to our move, he had to "give up" his position in York, but will soon be taking over as Chief here in our new town. He was quite honored to be recognized by everyone in the "old" fire company and many are excited for him as he begins here.

This is "Chucky" and his wife, Barbara.. sadly I didn't get the "happening".. but Chuck was given an award for .... 55 (!!!) years of volunteering with the fire department!!! this kind of dedication is not common place anymore!!! Certainly something to be recognized and celebrated.
And so, another year has come and gone!!! Fireman's Field Day (when I was a child) was always a clear sign that summer was quickly coming to an end, and it's still the same. Except now, it means, that we have lived in our new town for almost that year!!!! And THAT I really find hard to believe!!! Time passes quicker each year.. guess that's why you need to enjoy each and every day... be a "good" or "bad"...