Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fall news

After having a wonderful day at the Common Ground Fair on Friday.... Saturday we found ourselves in Acton at the "Apple festival". Acton has several large apple groves, and each fall the groves open up for picking and start the season off with the Festival. There are craft fairs, and suppers, hayrides, music... all sorts of fun things to do and see. The weather has been simply amazing, and makes it so you just have to be outside and attending all these things!!! The apples this year are beautiful and the trees are full, so I think it must be a good season... and I can tell you, the apples taste grand!!!!

Along with the apple festival.... it was also Dave's birthday!!!! So, Saturday evening the family all got together at the "Texas Roadhouse" for dinner and celebration!!! If you haven't gotten over to the Roadhouse, and like a good steak... it's the place to be. We knew all about it, because we have been to one in Jacksonville when we go to see Kas and Nate. You will get a good meal there, but don't expect it to be quiet!!!! We weren't too sure how they "honor" one's birthday there, but we knew it would be "something special"... so a tip to our waitress about the birthday boy, was certainly in order!!!!
And here's what they do.... you have to sit in the "birthday Saddle!!!!" Course Dave always looks good in the saddle, ( we're used to seeing Buddy as well) so, it wasn't any trick for Dave to "saddle up"!!!! Needless to say, when you do this, the whole restaurant knows "it's your birthday!!!" Dave (always the good sport!!!) gave me a big happy grin as he celebrated his birthday and was "back in the saddle again!!!"