Sunday, September 21, 2008

a birthday ride

Tomorrow is Dave's birthday, so to celebrate, Nate planned a day on the motorcycles. We skipped out on church this morning and met for breakfast. Kas and Nate were on their bike, Ed and I on our bike and Dave on his bike. Deb followed in the car (thank goodness.... because the ride was too cold at first for Kas, and we had somewhere to put out "shopping goodies" that wouldn't fit on the bikes!!!)

It was an absolutely grand day. Still a bit warm for this time of year, and the leaves are just beginning to turn... but we couldn't have "asked" for better weather!!! I love riding the bike on the "back roads"... the traffic is less, you can take your time and really see the countryside. Ed and I have to make a "habit" of getting out more often... winter will be here soon, and the bike will be tucked away... so we need to enjoy it while we can.

People have asked if I miss living near the ocean.. and of course I do. But I have to say the "lake region" is just as pretty. I guess as long as I am near some body of water.. I am a happy gal.

Once the leaves are in full color, we will certainly need to make this trip again.

Happy Birthday, Dave... and thanks for the great idea today, Nate!!!!


Ed and I are at the point in our lives where we have "grand dogs!!!" I remember when my own parents were grand dog grandparents, and I used to send them all sorts of photos of their grand dogs and tell them about all the things that they did. Now, I find the same thing happening with our own grand dogs....

We "have" three grand dogs.... they are....

Kato..... (Sadie and Matt's pitbull)

Tatter (Sadie's cocker)

And Charlie.. (Nate and Kassy's cocker)

Now, with the idea of "moving home" Kas and Nate began to talk about getting a second dog.. a little brother (or sister) for Charlie. They really didn't want another cocker and thought that a bigger breed would be fun to have. Looking around, they have "toyed" with the idea of a few different breeds, but so far, nothing seems to be exactly what they want..... UNTIL...

Yesterday!!! when this little bundle of joy entered the world!!!!

I didn't say too much about him in yesterday's blog.. but actually this little "chap" and I already have a "history" together.... for when he arrived in the world, he wasn't breathing, and I had great fear that we "had lost him" during his birth. I wasn't about to let him go without a good try, and after a few anxious moments, he began to come around..... and within a few hours, he was up and around and "wrestling" with his littermates over his spot on Mom. Right away, he became my "favorite" and a special little blessing in his own right.

Well, after sharing the details of this story with Kas and Nate... they asked... "do you think Mary would consider us as "parents" for your special puppy?" so, we called and talked with Mary... and it looks like we will have a "new grand dog" within a few months!!!!

How cool is that?? Kas and Nate will have a new baby... I get to have this special guy as a part of my life, and Mary will be able to watch him grow up......

Seems God has blessed us with another gift!!!!!