Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween eve was on Saturday this year, around here we call it "beggar's night" or "mischief night", but it's when "we" go trick or treating. Our family has never put much stock into Halloween, so we tend to keep it "light" around here, dress up in something fun and go out for the candy but that's about the extent of it. The day dawned very pretty, I was up early because it was my day to work at the post.. but I got to see this beautiful sunrise.

Our friends, Becky and Butch were on their way down.. they had a private hay ride to do with their team of horses, and then planned on spending the night with us, and work with our team on Sunday. (that's the next blog)...

when I got home from work... Abbie was waiting to show me her costume...

can you guess what Abbie was????

she was " A-bee" (get it).....

I have to say... she was just adorable in this little outfit, and because it was so comfortable, she was more than happy to wear it as she played around the house.

We don't have any "real" trick or treating here in town, so Sadie and Tom trucked down to the hometown to do some visiting there. They had a great time......
We spent the evening helping Becky and Butch with the hayride and got in rather late... but look at what was at the front door when we came in....

This wonderful little owl was sitting right by the door on the porch. At first I wondered if "he" might be hurt. But he seemed to be just fine.

I took several pictures of "him" before he flew away. Seems like he almost posed for me most of the time....

I think we might have seen this little chap before... when we were working on the house, and it wasn't quite closed in.. the guys came one morning and found a little owl in one of the rooms upstairs.
I have found out that this type of owl is called a "northern saw-whet".. they are very small - only about a half pound, and are great for eating mice, snakes, frogs and other small critters.
I have looked on line to see if there is some "tale" about finding an owl on your door stoop on Halloween eve... can't say there is one.. but I hope it might be lucky.

Friday, October 22, 2010

end of the week.

Well, I hate to admit that it was a bit of a lazy day around here today. I don't know why I hate to say that, I have been busy all week, so one "quiet" day shouldn't seem like such a big deal, but with all that needs to be done, I sort of feel guilty taking a day on the slow side. Course, I can't say the same for the cockers.... look at these two, best seat in the house, the warm afternoon sun shining in on them.. maybe they do have the right idea. You can't tell from this photo, but even though the sun was bright, it was very windy and cold outside!!! so, maybe that's why I was just as happy puttering about the house.

Not too sure what is was that caught the attention of these three... more than likely it was a parade of guinea hens in the back yard, but whatever.. they were pretty interested in checking it out!!!

Abbie has had a great week discovering all her new toys that she got for her birthday. She is really beginning to play with things and will sit for a few hours, happily figuring out what each thing will do. This little dog has turned out to be a favorite, and Sadie somehow or another went to the computer and was able to program all sorts of things on it. Including the little dog calling Abbie's name and singing Christmas songs!!!

The day wasn't a total loss... I got my square done that will be entered for next year's Acton Fair quilt. This year's theme was "meet me at the beach". So, I thought a wind surfer would be a good subject. It came out pretty well and I am happy with it. I got the blue ribbon with last year's square so it will be exciting to see what this one will do.

I can't believe it's been a whole week and I haven't even told you all about our "new" dog. I am fostering for cocker rescue again, and picked up a little guy a week ago today. I need to get some photos on him and need to blog his story.. but just haven't taken the time to do so. I also got a little note from Dave at NEADS.. I'm on the list for a puppy and perhaps before Halloween... I have been missing Chester lately, so the idea of a new service puppy make me very happy... I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

that time of year

well, we've "done it".. the big furnace has been lit, so I guess the "cold" weather has officially arrived. The house has been kept toasty warm by the "little" stove inside the house, but, the last couple of mornings, it's been working hard to keep up. So, Ed got the "big guy" going, right now, this heats directly into the cellar, and in no time, we had the cellar over 70. Then we opened up the doorway, and all the wonderful heat came up to the main floor. We still have to finish the heating system, but this is how we kept the house warm last winter, while we were working here, and it did a fine job. So, even though we do need to "finish" the heating system, I have no worries about staying nice and warm this winter. AND, we have found that so far, this is an easy house to heat.

One of the many reasons, "why" it's easy to heat, are the windows and doors. In this "new age" of building, everything is about all the "R" rating, and between the insulation and construction of this place, it has a very high rating. We don't even need storm windows - which I still can't get used to the idea of - but, we do need "storm doors". Ed got the first one put on yesterday. Not only is it good for the "heat" reason, but I love the light it brings into the mudroom, and in good weather, it becomes a screen door, so the nice air will come in. Course the cockers love it for "seeing out".. and they have a pretty good view of the farm (and the driveway) to watch over....

Well, it was bound to happen, and it has... sadly, "mini G" has met the fate of the fox. This makes me so mad, but I know I run this risk when I let the birds free range. He didn't come in one night, and the tell tale feathers in the field told the story. I know the fox has to "eat", but he might be eating more than he thinks if we ever have the opportunity to catch him!!!!

This is one of Abbie's birthday presents!!! From Kelli.... everyone knows how much I enjoy cooking the turkeys that we raised... and Kelli found this great little shirt!!!! I think we'll be raising turkeys next year, as I plan to get the ones we have all "cooked up" over the winter. I cooked our biggest one (30 lbs) for Abbie's birthday party, and "he" must have been good, because we weren't left with much "left over". Almost time to cook another!!!!

This is now on my "dangerous place to visit" list (along with my quilting shops, yarn shops and tack shops). A new Tractor Supply store opened about a month ago, not too far from us. "bad,bad news!!!" I have at least gone in once a week...but, must admit, it sure is handy when you need "farm supplies"....

which we did!!! Last Sunday after church, Ed and I expanded the pasture. The big guys have pretty much chewed up everything that was open to them, so we kicked it out again. They have been so happy, and for the past couple of days... the grain is gone, and the hay is left in the stall. They hardly ever go in the barn and are happily munching in the field. Nice for me, it's holding off my hay supply and I enjoy looking out almost any window in the house and seeing them.

Yup... it's fall.... for sure

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the REAL 16th...

Here it is!!! one year later and the "real" 16th of the month... Miss Abbie is a year old today!!! and of course I am going to ask the usual questions...

"where did the time go??"

I remember last year, hoping that we would be in the house before she arrived.. and then hoping we would be in the house before we brought her home.. and then hoping we would be in the house for her first Christmas... well, none of that happened, but we ARE in the house for her first birthday... and party!!!!

Preparations have been going on for weeks. Kassy was in charge of "sweets".. her cake .. (see the little farm!!!) then cupcakes, and of course the "smash cake".I don't ever recall needing so many "cakes" for one party... but, this is Abbie we're talking about!!!!

"the gals".. getting things ready for our guests!!!!

And Abbie taking in all the excitement....

"this whole cake is mine????"

it didn't take her long to figure out "what" to do with it...

Uncle Coz... wishing the birthday girl many happy days....

and the perfect opportunity to get some wonderful family photos.... not to brag, but doesn't our family host some very pretty gals......

I knew we would see it sometime.. that "this is way too much look"... but over all, Miss Abbie stayed very happy during such a busy day...

Course, when you come to visit here, it's never complete unless we make a trip to the barn and see the animals. My sister Becky just loves Beeker and never comes to visit without checking in on her.

Abbie and Auntie.....

It was our hope to give our guests a nice hayride around the farm.. sadly the big boys had a different idea, and they were so horrible!!! I don't know if it was the wind or the crowd or what.. but we decided not to put anyone else in the wagon. Guess we have some work to do with these two...

However, little Mocha was a perfect gal, and at least she hitched and took the children for "pony rides"
It was a very fun day, and now we have officially moved from "baby" to "toddler"... ugh... "school age " will be here way too soon, I just know it....

Friday, October 15, 2010

it's fall

Some where in this photo is our barn!!! We are having a real New England "nor'easter" today.. and though they are probably getting more of it on the coast, we're having a pretty good storm inland as well. I actually opted to drive my truck up the driveway to the barn this morning, or else I would have been sopping wet before I even began barn chores. We kept everyone in last night and after hearing the howling winds in the middle of the night, I think we made a good choice. The horses don't totally agree with our decision, they would be just as happy outside.. but some good hay and grain changed their minds.

It's nice this year to have my fall decorations out once again. The past two falls they have been tucked away in storage, and it's like having old and dear friends visiting to see them once again. I made this little wreath back in 1982!!!! It's held up well over the years, and because it is hardly "out".. all the colors have stayed bright.

Apple pie anyone??? I had forgotten how much I enjoyed baking, and having this new kitchen to work in... what a blessing...

like the horse motif???

The trees are putting on a great fall display. Well, until today, with all the wind, I might be glad I got this shot.. tomorrow they could all be gone. I love this row of trees at the edge of our pasture, and once the leaves to do drop, we'll be able to see our neighbors once again. And they'll be able to see the horses. Both our closest neighbors have told us how much they enjoy watching the horses out in the field.

I totally agree with that.... this is often the view I have from the dining room. I have dreamed of this view since I was a child... horses at my own home..... I will always be grateful.

Sadie and Thom and Abbie carved pumpkins the other evening (without me... much to my disappointment!!!!) Then they "stole" two of my electric night lights to light them up. I have to admit it does work better than candles.. but I miss my lights in the places that they really belong.

Annabelle was not a bit interested in getting up this morning when I was doing barn chores. She has the right idea on a wild, wet and windy day....

even the chickens thought better and have decided to stay in.

tomorrow is Abbie's 1st birthday.. we have a big bash planned.. so you can probably guess what the next few blogs will be about....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

drama.... in the barnyard!!!!!

"What is this?? Are you kidding, more of them???"

"What's that you say, Annabelle? Some thing's up... OHHHH... I see"

"Hey girls, have you heard the rumor..."

"We heard it!!!! Yahoo...... it's about time!!!!"

"The door is open!!! We are free... we can go where ever we want, see the world.. check out the barnyard!!!" "Hurray, hurry!!!!!"

"Now just one moment everyone, this is MY barnyard, and just so everyone has it straight, I am the king around here and you must do as I see fit. What do you even know about the outside world"

"Ah, see here, my fine gentleman... if the door is open and we choose to go out.. then out we go.. I don't see where you have any say about that"

"Wow, look at all the room... look at all the things to eat and see.. this is great!!!"

"and now if things aren't bad enough, there is another CAT on the other side of the plow? First more free chickens, and now a cat.. what is my place coming too??"

"See here, Mona, you stay on your path, I'll stick to mine and everything will work out just fine... thank you very much"

"goodness, my life of peace and quiet has just gone out the window... house cats coming out to the barn.. more chickens pecking about and guinea hens trying to control everything.... think this might be a good time for a nap"

"and those silly creatures don't even seem to care"