Saturday, April 14, 2007

God's wink

From the book "When God winks at You" by Squire Rushnell..... You slump. Deeper into the dumps. Then- something happens. A silly little thing. Someone you just thought about for the first time in years, telephones you out of the blue-a silly little coincidence, so silly you shrug it off. Or a prayer that you really didn't expect to be answered- was! Immediately, your left brain repeats something you once heard: There is a mathematical explanation for everything. "But" you say"'s not just coincidence or chance." Maybe God is communicating with you. Yes, directly to you!You shake your head. Naw, couldn't be. But... what if God is communicating with you-in a nonverbal way-making a little miracle happen,right in front of you? After all God, doesn't speak to people in a human voice. He's God - He'd do something no one else could do, just to show you it's Him...................................
I saw an interview with this author and am planning on picking up a copy of this book, because I just love the way the author explained it. That God can and will send you all sorts of little ways to let you know that HE is there, HE is listening and HE does care.
So, while on our trip back to Maine, as Kas and I entered NH, a little piece of paper got caught on the antenna of the truck. So, what... well, it so happens that little piece of paper came just as we were talking about Nate, and what the next seven months are going to be like, and believing that everything will go well, and that prayers are going to be so important now (not that they aren't ever important)... and "bing" this little piece of paper appears! Now, we are going 70 mph, there are several other cars on the road, and this paper is with us!!!
Right away, I think about the book that I just quoted , told Kas about it... and said... "Hey, there's a God's wink!!!"
We were pretty certain that little piece of paper would fall off at the toll booth... it didn't. Then we thought, when we slow down to take the York Exit.. it didn't. Well, maybe at the corner when we hit the red light (I always get a red light)... it didn't. So, as we are heading down York Street towards home, we decide that we are anxious to see "what" the paper is, and when we get home, we will certainly read it.
The car ahead of us, is stopped and waiting to pull into a driveway. We slow down... and the little piece of paper blows off the antenna....guess we won't be able to read it...
Then, another one of God's winks appear... (step off story for a moment)... when Nate's dad, David was little he lived in York for a while... a house on York street, that in my mind today is still the "Flagg's house" (back to story).... the little piece of paper (which had been with us since the NH state line) came off the antenna.... in front of the house that David lived in when he was little...............................
mull that over for a while!!!!!!