Sunday, April 25, 2010

over the weekend...

To start this blog out, I wanted to show a "finished" photo of the tile work that we did in the down stairs bath. I say "finished" because it isn't done just yet, we still have the grout work to do. But that will be done by the first of the week, then it's some trim around the window... some baseboard... a toilet and a sink ... and we will have a COMPLETED room!!! (ya hoo!!!) I just have to say again, I am so happy with the way this turned out, and I can't wait to get the other rooms done!!!!

Now, most people would get a little excited at the sight of a firetruck in their driveway. However, around here, it's a common occurrence... Ed had a firefighter who needed some "drive time" on this particular truck. So, he took a little break from house work and went out and played with the firetruck... what's that line... "the difference between men and boys? the price of the toys!!!" Yup, Ed is just playing with much larger tonka trucks!!!!

From firetrucks to "dirt" piles... actually this is the manure pile!!! Last year, Rick took a big part of the pile away for us, and this year our well (digger) man, wanted to take the rest away. I am MORE than happy to get rid of the pile. First off, I "hate" seeing it sit there (and getting bigger every day) and second, if you don't have a huge pile sitting around - it helps keep the flies down.

So, Ed pulled out his little tractor and began to load Brian's truck up. We should probably be taking the time and making our own loam, but right now... who has the time, and if I can just move this pile out... I am very happy to see it go..

Happy gardening, Brian.. hope this works out for you!!! and if you need any more... we make it on a daily basis :)

After playing with the manure, Ed did do some "yard work" for us. We had a couple of dirt piles that needed to be flatten out around the barn yard. We are going to try pumpkins again this year. We didn't have much success last year(but then again, didn't do well at maintaining the garden either).. and I think we planted way too early. So live and learn, and we'll see how we do this year. We did save a bucket or two from the manure pile for ourselves, so we'll throw that on and see what the pumpkins think of that.

"They" told us that Sunday was going to be a rainy cold day. So Ed and I had a list of things to be done in the house. However, when we got out of church this am... it was a beautiful afternoon.

Now, we both know we have a long list of things to be done in the house, and yes the time is getting short... but, I simply could not waste this beautiful afternoon inside (I might regret my decision tomorrow).. so.. nothing doing, we hitched the boys and played with the horses for awhile.

They were pretty good... they certainly need to be worked more, and the black flies were some what bothersome.. but overall, they did quite well. They're shaping up to be a good little team, and basically time and work is what they need the most of.
One day soon, this house will be at a point where we can "play" (and not feel guilty).. and you know, I am really looking forward to that day. For now, we'll "cheat" where we can.