Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 years?? really???

Thirty (30) years ago on August 22nd, I married my best friend. It has been a wonderful journey together and I look forward to another 50!!!! We are planning a trip to Tennessee... to visit with friends, and see a part of the country that we haven't been to in a while....

Happy Anniversary Rumney!!!!

the Firemen's muster

It must be the third Saturday in August, because we found ourselves heading to the hometown for the annual Firemen's Muster. This has been such a big part of my life, that even now, I just can't miss out!!! To my knowledge, I have never missed one, in my whole entire life... so let's not break the track record now!!! Sadie had to work, so we packed up Abbi and Ginger (and all the other dogs too) and sat curb side waiting for the parade. I was a little concerned as to how Abbie and Ginger would handle all the noise of the parade, so I had an escape route all planned out, but as it turns out... it wasn't needed.

"Block your ears Abbie... here they come"

Our little beetle had the honor of carrying the fire queen... "Miss Flame"

And after the parade, we walked down to the park where the games were played. They have worked hard to make this a family event and I think it's coming along....

there was a pretty good crowd. It was fun to see all our friends, and of course, a great place to get some work in with Ginger....

Kassy and Diana.... best friends almost since the day they were born.. and now "best friend aunties" together!!!!!

My Dad, still knows how to run the firetrucks... and has been a volunteer firefighter for 55 years!!!!!! (can even begin to think how many hours he has given to the fire company!!! serving as Chief among all the other "jobs" he has done!!!) --- love you and so proud Dad!!!!!

all the usual games were played!!!!

And the day ended with the clambake. Abbie is getting used to these "red lobster things" that we enjoy so much....

She wasn't so sure at her first encounter of them a few weeks ago!!!!!

Steamers, lobsters, fire trucks, family...... service dogs......

let's call it a perfect traditional day!!!!

oh HAIL!!!!!

Remember all that pretty work that was done in the back yard?? All the piles gone, and the earth nicely formed and waiting for grass seed? well...

I HATE thunderstorms.. I am AFRAID of thunderstorms, and I'm so good at it that I put that fear into my children and my dogs!!! Just when I think I am getting better at handling them, one comes along and reminds me of how afraid I am... like the one that blew threw on Friday.

I could hear it coming, hours before it got here. Now, we do live in a very quiet place, and I am used to hearing sounds that are really far away, but can be heard because it is so quiet. But when I was at work and could here this thunder, I knew we were in for it.

And "it" came. Just as I pulled into the driveway.. the heavens opened and Ginger and I were stuck in the truck. I parked a mere three feet from the door, but with it raining so hard, I knew I would be soaked just trying to cover those few feet, so we waited. WRONG idea, the rain came in sheets, the wind very strong and the lightening... EVERYWHERE. I kept my cool, until the HAIL.... Ed wasn't home.. so I called him on the cell, just to talk and keep me from totally freaking out.

There were several close strikes. I sat for a while, and when one big strike was super close. I decided that I was going to simply get wet, because I wanted in!!!! I ran, so did Ginger, and it looked like we had a bucket of water thrown over our heads. But, I was glad to be inside.. Camille was a total wreck, and hard to believe it really rained and hailed after that. I got brave enough to shoot a couple of pics out the back, as I watched our yard turn into rivers.

Nice little pile of hail.. don't you think??? The other thing was, this storm hung in there for a while... certainly not a quick blow threw.... but was I ever glad when it was over.

It "ruined" my evening plans of heading to the home town to have supper with Kas and Nate.... it ruined our yard work - which can be repaired...

and saddest of all, it ruined the apple crops which had been predicted to be one of the best years in a long time.

On top of that, our house (or somewhere close) was hit, it blew out the computers (fortunately the lap top is wireless so that one is OK)... it blew out the transformer for the cable, and one circut in the house. (which Ed has spent hours looking for the source of the trouble). All considered, I guess we came thur OK

but at this point, I'm almost ready for snow!!!!

construction (again?)

Usually, the sight of a "digger" rolling down the driveway would make me think... "uggghhhh.. now what?" but in this case, I am actually excited to see him come!!!

This should be (should be!!!) the last of the big projects being done around the house. The digger is here to get the land scraping done in the back yard....

And this huge drop off just outside the french door will be gone.... because the deck can now go on!!! I can't wait to have our deck!!! it will be a great place for cookouts. Along with the deck also come a "real" fenced back yard for the doggies... this is going to make my life SO much easier!!!!

bye bye Mr. dirt pile, I am tired of looking at you all the time.....

a few days later.... this looks so much better!!!!

This is the door that is off the pantry... we're planning on the deck going over to that, and will have a storm door that has a "doggie door"... the cockers will appreciate that!!!!

all dressed up... waiting for the deck.......

come on hun!!! let's get it done!!!!