Saturday, October 01, 2016

Happy birthday Kass.... Hi October!!!!

So, here we are.. october.. and the first day can only mean one thing for's Kassy's birthday!!!!

And keeping with my tradition... I always need to see my kiddos on their birthdays, and if possible just something just for them. Being a weekend this year, and our hubbies away at a fair with the business... we opted for a brunch... and chose a well known spot in our area

I had a "real breakfast" but Kass opted to do something special for her birthday breakfast.... a waffle sundae.... with all the trimmings... needless to say Reagan and Calvin approved of their Mom's choice!!!!

I can't believe this beautiful young woman... wife.. and mom is my little girl... but such as it is!!!!!and I just wish for her and her wonderful family.. lots and lots of birthdays ahead....

Reagan promised "Baby" that he would be a good good boy for Mama's birthday...

And little Cal... well he was just happy showing off his new trick of being able to stick his tongue out!!!!

Happy happy 31 Kass!!!! we love you!!!!