Monday, October 31, 2016

10 year anniversary......

Today is a special day with regards to my little blog.... today is my/it's 10 year anniversary... back in 2006, "blogs" were "the thing".. I remember a couple of my dog students were keeping blogs and had put pictures of the obedience classes on them. Telling me about them so I could go and read their stories, I decided it might be a fun thing to try.

I wasn't (I still not) all that great with computers, and I had doubts if I could even find it again once I had started it, but I did... and began to "write" if you will. 

It's been fun keeping the blog and then every once in a while going back threw the stories. We had (have) a lot going on... between the girls getting ready to leave home and go out on their own... to moving to the farm... to grand babies... and all the things in between. 

I even discovered that the blogs could be made into books, and so I am trying to have each year printed out, thinking that one day, maybe one of the grand children might be interested in "what it was like with Baby and Papa"... who knows??? I like hearing about my family history so I hope they will as well.  I know that I tell stories sometimes to Abi now, and I can see she thinking "wow" that was a long time ago, or "you really didn't have those??"  Each generation has its own thing, I guess.

so... here's to my little blog..... and I have no intension of stropping now, maybe it will continue for another 10 plus years... that would be fun... but, "we' made it this far and will celebrate that to it's self......