Monday, November 30, 2009

more team training

I had to make another "chicken" hat for Abbie as she has already out grown the little multi colored hat that I made for her last summer. "We" get so many comments about these little hats.. I really need to put them into "production" and try selling them at the craft fairs next summer/fall. She is doing so well, growing like a weed and beginning to smile and truly look at things. I can't imagine life without her!!!!

I don't think I will EVER get tired of seeing our team together!!! And while all this training is going on, if you are reading the blog, you will just have to put up with picture after picture of them. Having a "team" has always been one piece of the "farm puzzle" and it's just so exciting for me to see this all coming together.

We have been so blessed to have Rick coming and giving us a hand with them. (Thank you Rick and Kelli..for giving up your Sunday afternoons!!!)There's "abit" to this team thing, and it's nice to have that extra pair of hands and eyes to help out. Especially where my back has been (still) tweeky and I haven't been a whole lot of use just yet. (can't "afford" to have these guys pulling on me).

Since the work went so well last weekend, we picked up where we left off and put the guys together from the start. I still encourage Ed and Rick to ground drive first (OK, so I'm cautious) because with this green team (especially with Tonka) I think it's wise to see where their heads are at before putting them in front of that beautiful wagon!! They were good, Tonka is still eager to do all the pulling, but with time, I am sure he will settle down and let Duke do some of the work!!! And with the ground work, it's a good time to get them out on the road and start working in that type of area.

But, before long both Ed and Rick said "enough of this walking business" and had them hitched to wagon and began to ride.

They took turns driving and the "boys" got a good work out.

We have pretty much decided that as long as the weather holds, this will be a weekend occurrence.And could be that the New Year's Day hay ride that I am thinking about.. will be horse drawn.. not tractor......