Monday, December 31, 2007

bye to 07

Silly me... I thought the first "creature" to be in the new barn would be a horse... should have figured it would be a "deere"!!!! But, with the upstairs decking all in place, Ed couldn't bear to let his little tractor be out in the weather, and with the prediction of more snow, he just had to tuck it under cover!!!!!

Here it is, a "real barn look"... and it's easy for me to "see" the stalls now, and just imagine our horses safe and sound in their own home. I can hardly wait for the day when they will really live here and will be only a short walk to go and see them whenever we choose.

So, the last day of 2007... it's been a good year, it certainly was filled with many major changes... Kay passing, the business selling, Nate to and from Iraq, Sadie off to barn!!! We haven't had a year with so many things like this one. Tonight we are getting together with the families for a Chinese feed!!! and again tomorrow the prediction of more snow!!!!

It's very pretty, and from that point, I love waking up in the mornings and seeing the world in a whole new way. But, it's time consuming as well. Ed finds himself out plowing, and then cleaning up the work site whenever they get back to building. We certainly can consider this an "old fashion" winter, I remember these winters from my childhood. I did say to Ed that in some ways this is pretty handy, because as we plan for winters at the farm, we are seeing it in real life this year!!! and that actually is a help.

I am looking forward to 2008, I have a feeling it will be another year of big changes, but for the most part, they are going to be positive ones.... I am very blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas was wonderful this year!!! It went by much too fast, but it was wonderful just the same. I had made a "promise" to myself... to simply enjoy, slow down, and not worry about "perfection" (which I have been known to do in the past).. I kept that promise and found that it worked very well. Being with my family had to be the greatest gift of all... Christmas eve found us with "the Flaggs" enjoying one of our home raised turkeys. We always have a great time when we are with them....I feel so blessed to have such wonderful "in-laws"!!!!

Christmas morning we had Kas, Nate, Uncle Bill and my parents joining us for presents and breakfast. Then the kids went onto Nate's folks, Uncle Bill to friends, and Ed, Sadie and I to my family's.

Camille kept careful watch for Santa... sadly, she was asleep when he arrived!!!! Maybe she can catch him next year!!!!

Dec. 26th found everyone "back at work"... I sort of wish that the "day after" wasn't such a jump back into reality day... but, it is, and that's how it goes.

Ed was out the door early and headed up to work on the barn... Ken was there to help him today. I wanted to take a ride up for several reasons... one, just to get out of the house and not "mope" about Christmas being over.. two, see what progress has been made in the few days I haven't seen it and three, Bill was making lunch today and I didn't want to miss out on that!!!! When I arrived, there was a little surprise waiting for me.... I guess "Santa" (ie: Uncle Bill!!!) had made a stop to the farm, and left three stockings... one for Tonka, one for Silver and one for Mocha!!!! All were "hung with great care" and contained some horse things, and a few treats, including candy canes (a favorite with my guys!!!). That was quite fun!!!

Bill has turned out to be quite the "master chef" with this barn project!!! He has a great portable gas grill and brings it along. He can make almost anything with it!!!! and today's lunch was nice hot coffee, and amazing hamburgers!!! and hot dogs!!! Just something about a nice hot meal when you are working outside, puts the heart and soul back in you (not that I'm doing any of the work!!!) and what is it about a hamburger cooked and eaten outside that makes it grand??? One thing for sure, this barn has been a real family project... Dave getting us started, Bill preparing hearty meals and helping where he can.. Nate giving us a precious day of his vacation... so many memories are already there and we don't even have a roof yet!!!!! There's just a real good feeling on this farm, I have a lot of hopes and dreams for it!!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

the day before......

If I had to pick one day out of the year to be called "my favorite day".... it would be today... December 23rd, I call it "the day before the day before". My family knows this well, and first thing this am... Kas said to me..."hey Mom, it's the day before the day before!!!" On our way to church, Ed made the same comment, so what's this all about? Well, I adore Christmas, and have been very blessed that it is always such a happy time for me. The only thing sad about it, is ending!!! and when I get into one of my "funky" moods, I realize that Christmas Eve day is the start of the end...... so... I like the 23rd.. a day where Christmas is just around the corner, the celebration hasn't quite begun... it's all in the waiting!!!! After church, Nate, Kas, Deb, Dave, Ed and I all went out for breakfast (took my camera!!!) and we got this cute little family shot!!!! It was a good breakfast and we had a great time all being together.... after we were thru and waiting for the check to come... the waitress came over and wished us a happy day and a Merry Christmas... but had no check!!! The tab had been picked up by someone in the restaurant along with a "thank you" to Nate!!!!!! What a fun way for my favorite day to begin. The rest of the day has been quiet, I finished up a few little things, got the grocery shopping done, and made the final plans for the next 48 hours..... it's been a very good "day before the day before"

Yesterday, Nate went up with Ed and Chris to help out with the barn... the other gentleman in the picture is Ken.... with Chris having to move onto another job, Ed has hired Ken on to help with the finishing up. Kas and I went up about mid day to see how the guys were doing... we made a donut stop for them and arrived with coffee and sweets. They were pretty happy to have a little break. But after a bit, it was time to get them moving again
"-) and besides, Kas and I took lunch orders and was going to get them a bite, so they needed to get back at it for a little while anyways.....curious as to what they are looking at......

KASS!!! encouraging them back to work!!!!

(actually, she was teasing Ed about having a pink ribbon on his hammer so he can find it easily!!!)

They got a lot done yesterday... the main two beams that hold the walls together are up and in place. When they go back after Christmas, it will be time for the floor joice that will hold up the decking in the hayloft..... the roof can't be too far behind.

"two of my favorite people in the whole world!!!!"

Now tell me that people don't look like their dogs!!! (Camille is a real daddy's dog for sure)

OHH... almost forgot... Dale wrote me the answer to my blog question... basically, it was orginally called "web log".... and (short side of the story) it got cut down to just "blog".... which, BTW, is considered a real word now and is both a noun and a verb!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's late, I should be asleep, but find that I don't do that well anymore. I don't know if a "40's thing" or something because of my surgery a couple years back, or maybe I need to hook up with a good doctor and get some answers.... (my new year's resolution!!! find a good doctor!!!) but either way, I find myself playing out here in computer world instead of under my covers!!!And thinking up all sorts of weird questions that must have some answers.....

We call it "steak night" .. I wrote about this last August sometime, but, just to tell you... every Wednesday evening, a group of friends meet at the Longhorn Restaurant in Newington to have a dinner and chat. Funny how often you have such great friends and never seem to have enough time to just sit and talk.... so, steak night is one way to cover that. Anywho... this blog really isn't so much about steak night, well, it is, but I have another topic I am going with here.

It's gotten so, I don't go very far without my camera, and the people that hang around with me will tell that I am always saying... "picture time for the blog"... which I did last night at steak night (because we had a grand crew of people there!!!) but, the question was posed to me.... where did "blog" come from/ what does it mean. I have no idea, and so my fellow bloggers out there... can you answer that question????

I have only blogged for about a year, but I really do enjoy my little spot here in computer land. I think I have a number of readers, because if I don't stay somewhat up to date... I am reminded about that ... (come to think of it, some of my fellow bloggers need some up dating on their own pages... I need some new things to read!!!!) I also wonder how long blog pages stay up... and I ask that question because of my dear friend Lisa, (who passed away a year and half ago after a long battle with cancer) still has her page up. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, I still go and re-read her pages. I laugh at her stories, and feel so sad that I can't ring her on the phone anymore and talk about them. I hope "they" keep it up for a good long time, it makes a good memory for me and I feel fortunate to still have it only a click away.

But, back to steak night. As I said, we had a good big crowd there. The "kids" were there, Kassy, Nate, Sadie and Matt, Sean.... and here is "uncle Bill" I don't know how he got stuck "at the kids' table" but I think he enjoyed being there!!! Between him and Cozy, they both enjoy the "kids" being around and coming out with the "folks" to steak night. As a rule, I don't get to go much, because Wednesday nights are my classes in Wells, so it's a treat when I have a night off and can be part of the crowd!!!! And I warned everyone that they would find themselves on the blog!!!! (and so they have).

We picked up another 5ish inches of snow today. Ed got a day off from barn work, which really didn't make him too happy, he wants so much to get it weather tight. Looks like he will be back at it tomorrow, after doing some snow clean up there. We only "have" Chris until Saturday and then he is off to another job (we knew we would only have him for a few weeks) but, I think Ed has come up with someone else to help finish it... at least to the point of getting the roof on. Then I think we will let it sit until better weather. I hope I can get up there tomorrow and see it for myself... and who knows, maybe get a few more pics for the blog!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a break

Here are two very happy horses...(even though Silver is making his mean face to Tonka)... they finally got out into the sunshine today. With the heavy snow from the weekend, it took us a few days to get the stall doors dug out. Teresa was smart to wait, because we got a dose of rain on the snow, had she cleared it any sooner, the paddocks would be a skating rink... NOT so good for horses.

Tonka was in a lively mood, but he knows better than to mess with ol' Silver!! Who, by the way, is feeling fine after his ordeal on Saturday. The stitches look good, the wound is healing and getting the meds into him is the challenge of the day!!!! Both Teresa and I are wracking our brains, trying to come up with ways to "hide" the meds in his food. We have used the worming bit, but he is onto us, and it's a five minute fight to get the bit into his mouth. I am just about ready to say "heck with you, horse" but I can't do that!!!!

I don't think Mocha is impressed with all this snow, it just about reaches her belly..... and she tends to stay in the plowed area... so, being the "good owner" that I am :-) ... I walked out thru her paddock and broke some paths for her. I hope she appreciates my boots filling with snow and actually uses them!!!!

I was looking at the Farmer Almanac here, and wished I had read it a little sooner....

Here's the weather poem for December...

Mercy, it's mild but Turning wild!!! On every rooftop snow is piled like wedding cake. Sunny break to hit the malls, roast the chestnuts, deck the halls,! Cryogenic cold abates '08

Maybe "we" should have waited before starting that new barn... January doesn't sound any quieter


Meet my new little friend.... Franklin!!!! Last night as I was teaching my Saco dog classes, Ed and Sadie went out to finish up their Christmas shopping, and came home with this adorable little baby for me!!!!

I had only been home for a little while and was working on a pair of mittens (for myself no less) when Sadie walked over and said...."Don't you think he looks like a Franklin!!!" and the name has sort of stuck... odd name for a guinea pig, but then, guinea pigs are a little odd themselves!!!! He is about two months old, and actually looks a little like Pete with his eye patches, but Pete had an all white body and Franklin has a cute little brown butt!!!! He is quite friendly and likes to sit under your chin. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the dogs or cats, and they just adore him... especially Camille!!! She has try to wash his face at least a million times!!!!

I am certainly happy that the day ended far better than it began!!!! Here's a story for the blog..... I have a sweet young golden staying with me over the Christmas holiday. Just a nice puppy, who is full of the golden retrieve zest for life... so, yesterday morning, just about 6:00 AM, I threw on my coat and boots (over my pj's) and went out with this pup to potty and just play for a few moments.... well, I was so busy with him , working on his manners at the door, that I stepped out and realized that the door I had just shut.... was not unlocked!!!!! Oh well, there's usually a key in my truck, except that , I had the keys in my coat pocket... my OTHER coat.. the one in the house!!! OK.. cell phone, that is usually in my truck as well... except... I took that in the house to charge!!! Now, I am starting to get a little cold, so my golden friend and I step into the barn... thank goodness that is heated. We also have a phone in the barn, but, I can't call my house on it. So, I call my Mom.... (glad they are early risers too!!!) and explain my situation and ask her to call the house (and keep calling until Ed answers the phone!!!!) It. took a few tries, because Ed knew I was up, so he wouldn't hurry to answer the phone..... but he did finally, and ran down to unlock the door!!!! I have to tell you, I thought then, "if this is way the day is going to go, maybe I should quit right now"... but, thankfully it didn't...

And... not only is Franklin here.... but so is Kassy, Nate, Charlie and Nora... they arrived safe and sound about 3:30 this morning.... Kas said the ride seemed very long this time!!!! So, for me, Christmas has begun.. looks like it will be a week long celebration... just the way I like it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

when things go bump....

For many years my parents took the girls to see the Nutcracker every Christmas season., and no matter how many times they went to see it, they always loved going. It's now a fond childhood memory that they often talk about. When they do, there is usually another comment that goes along with it..... Ed has never seen the Nutcracker and has stated that a few times. So, a couple of weeks ago, I went over to the Portsmouth Music Hall and purchased two tickets for us. I had the whole evening planned.... a nice dinner at the Muddy River Smokehouse.. then a quick walk along the cute little streets of Portsmouth to the Music Hall, and a coffee and dessert to follow the ballet... perfect......

Until...... a panic call from Teresa around 3:00 this afternoon... see this picture of Silver, well... this is the "before" and I will get an "after" the next time I go to the barn.
Silver was "horsing around" as near as we can figure, and bashed his head against something... most likely a fence post. And what Teresa found was our nice white horse with blood running down his face!!!!( If you look carefully, you can see he already has a scar... he came with this and I can only imagine what he did.... )
Needless to say, I go racing up to the barn, Teresa had him in and on the cross ties when I arrived, and was working on stopping the bleeding. Upon a careful look after some of the bleeding stopped, it was decided that we needed Dr. Mike to come and put some stitches in...... so much for the evening!!!!
Ed was on his way home from Acton and called to check in, I told him to meet me at the barn and gave him the story about Silver. He arrived about the same time that Dr. Mike did.. which was good, because we needed the extra hands!!! Silver ended up with a couple of staples and some stitches where the wound is pretty big. He will probably have a headache for a little bit, and will need some meds for the next week (great....he is awful when it comes to meds!!!!)
By the time Mike was done, and the tranquilizers were wearing off, it was too late for Ed and I to make dinner. Since this was all a surprise ... I told him we were going out, but didn't give him any details.... Ed didn't really know what he was missing out on. I quickly ordered some sandwiches from the pizza house, which we wolfed down, and we did make it over to Portsmouth just in time.
The ballet was fine, but (sadly) it wasn't the "traditional" Nutcracker. I was a little bummed, but Ed liked the dancing and the music. We did find a coffee and dessert afterwards, but the cafe was so crowded that we had to stand (Portsmouth was hopping tonite!!!) it was good, but not relaxing. And after that, we just headed home... where I am now blogging!!!!
All in all it wasn't a "bad day" for sure (well, other than our poor horse!!!.. oh and the vet bill that went with it!!!!) but, it certainly wasn't the day I had planned... which just goes to show.... things can, will and do change on a moment's notice... so, I guess you just make the best of it.....especially when you have pets!!!!!

up on the farm

It's cold and windy... another storm has it's sights on New England... Ed is on his way to the farm, to get the last of the downstair walls in place. I would like to be there today, but in my usual style, I feel like I have a million things to do on my list!!!
Today will be "dog grooming day"... I am usually very careful about this and keep it up to date, it's easy for it to get ahead of me....( with seven to do)... and better to keep it on a routine, but with the trip to NC last month and the "hussle" of the holiday season.. I am behind and the dogs are really showing it. There are two times when I wonder why in the world do I NEED seven dogs... (#1.. trips to the vet and #2 grooming day.) I actually got Cole and Moxie done yesterday.. today it's Camille, Hunter and Trevor... I will have Sadie do Tatter and then the two of us with tackle Tazzy... she can be a bit of horror to do!!!! In my new house, I have a grooming room all planned out, with a high standing tub, good lighting and easy clean up, but for now, it will be done as it always is.

Despite the weather, Ed and Chris have done excellent work with our barn!!!! This is a really big project, and having to remove snow and cover everything when you are done, takes valuable time out of their day. I only hope Ed really knows how much I appreciate all of this, and I know a day will come, when we will look at all this, and think... it's good!!!
"We" have had a few visits from the neighbors, so far everyone thinks the building is beautiful, and not that it's our main goal, but it does fit the landscape and adds to the neighborhood. We want it to have a "real Maine farm look" and I think our goal is in hand.
The house on the other hand, is proving to be a challenge. We met with the builder the other night, and after picking myself off the floor when he presented his price.... we have some major re- thinking to do, including some huge down sizing.
But like Ed says, "it's cheap on paper and that's where you need to begin". We also are going to branch out a little and take a look at some other timber frame companies. There are a number of good companies out there, and now that we have plans in hand... we can go to them and see what they can come up with for numbers. We knew that building a timber would run more and we hate to let that dream go, just yet. So, it's back on the drawing board, and do a little more work. I guess that's the thing about "dreams".... you have to be willing to work, be patient and look at them in a real light, I can do that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

wonder why

The news this am says that we are in "an unusually active weather pattern" and though it does happen, they wonder why it's happening so soon this winter. It seems like we are getting all these micro-storms every few days. Not big snows, but just enough snow/sleet/freezing rain to make things interesting. (In fact last night, based on weather reports, we decided to cancel dog classes in Saco... turns out I probably could have taught the class, but with the long drive to and from, I wasn't taking any chances)

Well, I have the answer for them... it's because Ed is trying to get this barn built!!!! I think everytime he begins some sort of outdoor winter project, we get the weather!!! However, he and Chris (and yesterday Bill joined them again) are plugging right along and we now have two walls standing... with projections of the third going up sometime today!!! Right now this building looks huge, but they somehow have a way of shrinking once you begin "to put things in them"!!! It's very exciting to see this, and I try to run up to Acton as much as I can, so I don't "miss out on anything"... course that means not much is getting done at home (ie: finish up the Christmas decorations) but that's ok!!!

Just a few miles down the road from "the farm".. there is the beautiful waterfall. As I was passing yesterday, I just had to take a couple of moments and get a few shots of it.....

Now, as much as we are in this "winter pattern" Kas and Nate report from the south, that they are in a "warming pattern".. and are spending days at the beach, and are out walking late in the evenings, because the weather is so nice.....

Well, Kas, when you head for home next week.... don't bring your shorts!!!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

the Walsh family tree

Perfect day for tree shopping.... warm (nearly 30) ... snow (just ankle deep) and plenty to choose from....

think this one is big enough????

The tree cutters!!! didn't they do a good job.... they got it down!!!!

Hey... don't we have a horse that can do this sort of work?? Why didn't we bring him with us???

All loaded up and ready to head home... world record this year... only took me about a half hour to find it!!!!!! No frozen toes this year... (you should have been there KAS!!!!!)

barn building

Just so the "farm" would have a bit of the Christmas look, I got a wreath to put on the front gate. I can't wait for the time, when I will "really be able to decorate" at the farm!!!! Even if the winds blow and swirl all the snow around... it's Maine afterall!!!!

The barn is coming right along.. Ed and Chris are turning out to be a good team!!! They "lost" two days last week with the snow that came thru, but by Wednesday evening, one wall was up and nearly complete!!! The guys find themselves often working right up until the end of daylight, Ed shot this picture, I like seeing the full moon in the back ground.

I was finally able to go up and see it yesterday. By then, they had another wall almost done and it should be standing by the first of next week. This wall is on the field side, and it's where the four walk out stalls will be.... all the stalls have a door and a window, so there is alot of planning and laying out with this one!!! It should be the "hardest" one of all, because the two end walls are smaller and have just the main door and windows in them. Chris is very "fussy" (which is a great thing) and carefully measures and re-measures before any of the work is done.

Keeping warm has proven to be a trick all of its own. The weather has been pretty cold, and the wind loves to run across that big field. Ed is very fond of his "silly hat"... but it does a good job at keep the ears warm!!!

I brought the dogs with me ... they LOVE to be at the farm!!! Who can blame them.. with all that room for running and racing about!!! It's going to be the perfect spot for the animals... here, Hunter offers his advise with regards to getting this wall up!!! Though I doubt a little cocker spaniel is of much use in this department.

I find myself thinking of what it's going to be like to go out to my own barn and find our horses waiting there for their dinner!!!! It seems so much like a fairy tale!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

telling the truth

OK.. so I have been saying that there aren't any "little ones" around here that get excited about some things... like the Christmas season, parades-----snow.... but now I must tell the truth. There is ONE very little one here... it's me!!!! (actually, I am probably just telling all of you something that you have already known!!!!) There has been talk of snow for the past few days, and I have been beside myself with excitement... several times I was up last night, looking for the snow to begin, and waiting to hear that "special" Channel 6 storm center music and the long low sound of the fire whistle being blown to announce "no school". (that sound used to be followed by shouts of happiness from some children... I didn't go that far this morning!!)

Even though the snow turned out to be somewhat disappointing (the 12 inches expected has turned out to be about 4 because the ocean has "warmed" the storm and we got mostly rain here on the coast)...but even still, it has that magic about it, and I think shows the little house off even more than before!!!! Course, it makes the decision about teaching dog class tonite a tough one, because I keep going back and forth about safety issues for my students, etc.... BUT, it is the last class and I hate to put it off for another week... so, as it stands now, there will be class and I am sure the hardly Maine folks that they are... will arrive on time!!!!

Ed and I spent the better part of yesterday (and so did many other folks... "hi Deb"!!) getting ready for this big storm, picking up our yards, tucking things under cover, stocking up on any sort of comfort food... and the like. We ran up to Acton to make sure all the lumber was under cover and the work site was cleaned up, so that when the sun appears come the middle of the week, Ed can get back to work on it.

There has been some good progress... he and Bill got one section of wall up last week, and here it is... the first of the barn itself!!! Because of the weather and tight time frame... Ed called a good friend and builder that we know. Chris actually built our barn here and Ed was hoping that he might be in a place where he could give him a hand with this project. As it turns out, Chris is in a lull and is more than happy to come and get this project done!!! So, as soon as this snow passes, he and Ed will be working in Acton. With Chris's help on a daily basis, Ed is thinking the barn can be weather tight within a few weeks!!! that would be awesome!!!!

So, as much fun as the snow is, a few weeks of clear weather would be much appreciated... but since I have no control either way... I'll take whatever comes and make the most of it.....

Sunday, December 02, 2007

small town

So, what's the fun of living in a small town, unless there are "small town things to do"... and fortunately, there are!!! One being the little Christmas parade, which happens the first Saturday in December. The parade lines up on our street and proceeds thru the center of town... not a long route, but enough for those who are involved----- a few floats, brownie and cub scouts, a couple of firetrucks... you know the drill.

Thinking about that, I decided that this year's parade needed a horse!!!! Besides, what little girl doesn't wish for a pony for Christmas? And I thought Miss Mocha needed to do something to "earn her keep". So, we brought her home, and got her all decked out!!! Sadie started with her tail, putting a nice french braid in it, and we topped it off with a big red bow. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but figured out it wasn't going any where and just dealt with it.

It was VERY cold for this parade... the temps were in the teens, with a lively wind blowing. I almost gave up on the idea, but had come to far to quit. So threw on an extra layer of clothes and tried to be brave!!!! Mocha had a thick winter coat, so no worries about her!!!!

While we were wait for the parade to begin, a little group of "brownies" just had to have their picture taken with our girl!!! These little gals were just in love with her and kept telling me how lucky I was to have Mocha. I totally agreed with them.... I remember being just their age and always hoping for a pony of my own!!!!

The parade begins at sunset, that way, you can enjoy all the lights. We put set of sleigh bells and some lights on Mocha!!! a little hard to see in the picture, but they were a big hit... so was she!!! Some town folks recognized me, but Mocha was certainly the star. She walked along quite well, until we got into the center of town. I don't know if it was the crowd or the loud speakers, or simply just having "enough", but she started to act out a little bit. Fortunately, she doesn't weigh that much and I can just "bump" her a couple of times and usually get her to behave, and we made it thur without too much fuss... but I have to say, I was pretty happy that wasn't Tonka on the end of that lead rope and acting out like that!!!!

The good thing was... Ed followed us in the gator... Ed, Sadie, Matt and Kate (Sadie's college roommate) all decided to ride along. We put a "scooper" in the gator just in case, and I knew there were a few extra "horse folk" back there in case Miss Mocha decided to be really naughty!!!! Guess she thought that Santa might be watching, because except for that one little glitch.. she was quite perfect. At the end of the parade a number of people came over to see her and give her some pats and hugs.... Then we loaded her back into the trailer and home to Teresa's for supper!!! She was pretty happy back in her barn... all that celebrity stuff really isn't her thing!!!!

And that makes another chapter in the" Mocha book:... she has been to camp, to school, to church and now in the town parade... I really need to get that book written!!!!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's begun...

It seems like this year, there are alot of changes... well, I know there is.. but it's strange where I notice them the most. One would be the decorating for Christmas this year. I find myself doing it in small bits, taking my time, and really enjoying it. Not having little ones around to "rush me", I am definitely slower and planning more. When the kids were little, they were always in such a hurry to get it done.. maybe they thought the sooner we decorated, the sooner Christmas would get here, but either way, it's a much slower pace.

We'll be having two trees this year, one is up already. Kay had collected over the years, 64 gold ornaments from the Danbury mint (these are real gold!!!) I remember her having them on her tree, but the last couple of years she didn't bother with them. One afternoon as we were going thru some things at her house, I came across the ornaments. I told Ed it was a shame to have them in boxes and not being used, so after checking with brother Bill, it was decided that I could have them (someday they will be divided between Kas and Sadie). Because there are so many and my tree is always so full with my ornaments, I told Ed I would like to have a tree just with these gold ones. And since I didn't want to worry about keeping two live trees, we decided to go with a "fake" one for the gold ornaments. We set it up on the new sunroom and it's just perfect. at night they catch the white lights of the tree and during the day, make all sorts of rainbows around the room with the sunlight. I will always think of this as "Kay's tree" and will enjoy it for many years I am sure. One day next week, Ed and I will go and pick a live tree, and that will go up in the living room with all the "family ornaments".... pretty special to be able to host two trees at Christmas!!!!

We had to get the outside work done next.... they're talking a possibility of "real snow" for the first of the week, AND.... I wanted to have it all done in time for the Christmas parade (read next blog). The parade lines up on our street and goes up thru the center of the town, SO... I had to have the house looking it's best for those parade folks!!!If all goes according to plan, next year this will be Kassy and Nate's project of decorating... I don't know if they will have the same taste that I do, but I am happy at the way the little house looks in it's Christmas best. NOW... if we can only have a little snow (and hope it keeps for Christmas) it will be just right!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday didn't start off too well, the little white guinea pig in this picture is Pete..... and Pete died yesterday. I had a feeling something wasn't quite right the night before, when I put the doggies to bed with their cookies, Pete and Applejacks (the bunny) always got a piece of apple or carrot... well, Pete loved his little night snack, and would always whistle until it arrived..... there wasn't any whistling. So, I cuddled him for a little bit, and then tucked him into bed, and found him all curled up this morning..... he has gone to be with Bella.
Funny how attached you get... Pete sort of came into our lives. Sadie had bought Bella for her birthday, and as we were leaving the shop, one of the clerks said, "you wouldn't want another?".. seems Pete had been bought there and then returned when the people got tired of taking care of him. Sadie really wanted Bella, so I said I would take Pete. At first he was rather shy and a little hard to handle, he didn't like being held and would stay at the back of his cage when you approached it. But, like any animal----time, patience and love changed that all around, and Pete became quite a little actor!!!! He wasn't afraid of anything, and actually "chased" after the others, whether it was Bella and Applejacks... or the cockers and cats. I will miss him greatly.
So, little Applejacks (who we also rescued) is the last one of "Sadie's zoo"... I am thinking I might get another piggie, but I will wait.... with Christmas coming... who knows what might be available come January or February after someone else "gets tired of taking care of them".
Say hi to Bella for us Pete!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

found it

Well, it took me two weekends, and a lot of lugging, stacking and planning, but I finally found that piece of wood I had been looking for..... the LAST piece!!!! With Ed working on the barn, I was determined to get this project done myself not only is it great to have all this dry wood put away, but the yard looks so much neater with this big pile up and gone. My little stove is going to be happy this winter, and the couple of nights that I have had it chugging, the house has a nice cozy feeling and the cats are already claiming the bed beside it.

THIS is what I'm talking about.... wood stacked to the ceiling and no room for more. I had to put some of it outside on the deck, but that will be the first pile that I use up.

I don't believe I have told you about the "treasure" we brought home from North Carolina. As we were heading back, we passed a place that has all kinds of cement "critters". Ed was the one that noticed this horse and asked me if I wanted to go back and look at it. I said no because I know that these things can be quite expensive... at least around here they are!!! But, he turned around just the same and we pulled in. Mind you, we had a trailer on the truck because we had towed Nate's truck down, so it wasn't like we didn't have any room!!!! Well, the folks that ran this little shop couldn't have been nicer, they were quite "impressed" that we were from Maine (asked all about our ice and snow!!!!) and I couldn't believe how little they were asking for this fine beast. He is quite large, maybe three feet high, and VERY heavy (they loaded him on the trailer with a fork lift).. but he looks pretty fine under the apple tree and will look even finer up on the farm!!!!

Course what is even funnier, is what the cockers think of him. They are quite certain it is something that must be dealt with.... Moxie went racing out across the drive barking and growling, then she looked rather embarrassed when she figured out he wasn't real.... Trevor is determined to "get him" and Hunter is a bit afraid and won't go near him at all.... wonder what the horses will think of it......