Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NOT on the road

This is a 'trusting" day.. so I am "trusting". We were suppose to be heading the Williamsburg this morning, but for some reason, God has decided to keep us home. I don't know why, I probably won't know why... but traveling is not in the cards.

Ed went to the doctor's yesterday and got the final word about the kidney stone... it's gone, and so he had to have the "tube" pulled from the kidney. It wasn't a "fun procedure" and he had been dreading it for days, but he got thru it, and was pretty happy to have that behind him. I spent the afternoon getting my truck ready to go.. we have decided to take mine instead of Ed's.. his gets better mileage, but diesel fuel is so much more than gas, that we figured we would make out better with my truck. And if Ed isn't up to driving, I feel more comfortable driving mine... SO... I was getting it ready when he returned from the doctor. He began to help me finish up and then quite suddenly said "I don't feel great, I think I will rest a bit". I came in shortly, made us some dinner and then I flew off to Saco to teach class... and meet up with Bobby's new owner.

When I returned, Ed said..."please get me to the hospital".. he was cherry red and HOT!!!! We raced in... he had a temperature of 103.5, they moved us to the top of the list (they were busy last night in the ER). They gave him IV fluids, and meds for the splitting headache that he had. About midnight, they said they were keeping him to monitor his heart and keep an eye on the temp. "Sadly" nothing came back.. blood work good, urine good.. white blood count up, but negative on the flu test. I came home, let dogs out, did the nightly routine and climbed into bed. It was a long day, I had been up since 5:30am. I wasn't in bed but an hour, when he called from the hospital ---they were releasing him... his temp was down to normal, heart was in rhythm, headache nearly gone... so now there was no reason for him to stay. I got dressed and picked him up.

This morning, he is still feeling pretty punky. I went and got the meds they put him on.. and about noontime, we decided not to head south, but to give "this" the afternoon and see what things look like in the am. He is napping as I write, rest is a good thing.

To say that I am not disappointed would be a lie. But here is where faith comes into play. We are suppose to be home and so it will be. I hope that we can still make the trip, but we'll cross that bridge when it appears, and be ever grateful that our Heavenly Father keeps careful watch and we must trust.