Saturday, December 23, 2006

now Dancer

Here she is.... Dancer... named after one of Santa's reindeer. Not that I needed a kitten, goodness only knows with the "zoo" we already have around here, but I wanted a kitten, and that makes all the difference in the world. I was actually looking for a yellow kitty, we had one a number of years ago, and he was a wonderful
cat and I thought it would be nice to have another one. So, I began looking a few months back, but it seemed anytime I found one, I was just a little too late.

About three weeks ago, I saw that the Second Chance Animal Rescue in North Berwick, was advertising that they had a number of kittens, two of them were yellow, so I called right away, and was told that both were available. Sadie, Josh and I drove up to see what they were like, as it turned out, the kittens had a little infection going on, so they were all being treated, but they had pictures of all the kittens, and I saw a beautiful white kitten with blue eyes. I told them that I might be interested in the white kitty, so they put a hold on the yellow one and the white one.

The next Saturday, I went up again, the yellow kitten was still being treated, but the white kitty was there, along with his sister. I picked up the little boy, he sure was sweet, but he was not what I call "cuddly", he climbed all over me and wanted to explore. I saw his little sister still in the cage, and asked if I could see her. When I picked her up, she cuddled right under my chin and was pretty happy to stay there. I must have sat there for over an hour, trying to decide which one to take. I had already named the little boy "Blitzen" (after another one of Santa's reindeer) but, the little girl just kept "calling my name". While I was there, another family came in, and seemed to fall in love with the little boy. When they asked about him, the volunteer told them that I was still trying to decide between the two. The family had a couple of young children, and I just got the feeling that the little girl might do better in a "quiet" home. So, I said I would take her, and if the other family wanted the boy, they could take him.

It's a little hard to tell from photos, but Dancer has the biggest blue eyes!!! And you can see her cute little "split" face, dark ears, and she has a dark tail. Her body is cream colored, and she has four white paws. She has been with us for a week, and has settled in perfectly. Nothing bothers her and she is quite amused by the dogs, I have actually seen her chasing after them.

The greatest part is whenever I sit in my chair, she is right there with me. It has made crafting a little interesting, but we are beginning to learn how to work around each other!!! Today, I took her in to visit my Mother-in-law in the nursing facility, she was a perfect guest, and sat in her lap for a while and even got passed around to a couple of the nurses... I think she would make a neat therapy cat... be pretty cool to have a therapy dog and a cat!!!!

So, another one to tell stories about and add to the list.... Miss Dancer, the Christmas Kitty.