Thursday, October 04, 2007

a love story

Today is Kassy and Nate's second wedding anniversary, and their story, though just beginning, has a script all it's own. They were engaged in March 2005, when Nate had graduated from boot camp. With the help of his folks, (Deb had the ring in her pocket,) Nate proposed just after the graduation ceremony. We knew it was going to happen, because of out respect and tradition, Nate had phone Ed to ask permission to do so!!!!!

A wedding date was set for September 17, 2005, and wedding plans began. The search for the perfect dress, the right invitations, the bridemaids, groom's men, limo....... the wedding shower... everything was in it's place. Then.....Hurricane Katrina rolled thru and hit the southern part of the states. Chaos and havoc resulted, things were out of control, and per their history... the Marines are called in!!! Ten days, before their wedding, Nate phones home to say he is shipping out, his unit has been called, and it's time to go to work!!!! You can imagine the "blow" to the families!!!! Keeping our utmost pride with regards to our young marine, and consoling a bride who is now without a wedding!!!! Dozens of phone calls to make, postponing everything and with no future date in mind!!!! September 17th came and went without fan fare.

October 1, 2005, Kassy's 20th birthday..... still pining for her Marine, her birthday didn't seem very special. Then....a phone call, Nate is back in North Carolina and making plans to be home... and can they have a wedding within the week. The "parentals" spring into action, and within 24 hours, wedding plans, slightly scaled down, are back into play.

October 4th, Tuesday, the day starts cool and foggy, but nothing is going to dampen the spirits of this young couple and their family and friends. It's an out door wedding in Rye, by the ocean, and as the wedding vows are being said, the fog lifts and the day turns off sunny and bright. A good omen for a new life together.

There is just one little glitch... the marriage licence issued for September has run out, so the ceremony goes on... the couple run to the town hall for a new licence.... head out for a short honeymoon, and return a few days later to have all the "official paperwork" taken care of.

I like to tease Kas, a marriage that begins with two different dates, (9/17 and 10/4) but paperwork that doesn't make if official until 10/7... one begins to think when is the anniversary for sure!!!!! Kas and Nate decide that it is the 4th... and so it shall be. Now, the next big thing will be when they have the chance to celebrate it together, for that is yet to happen. Last year Nate was out in the middle of the ocean on an air craft carrier and this year in Iraq (packing up to come home!!!) They say the third is always the charm... so, that will make it next year!!!! Either way.. they have the love and support of each other and their families as well......

Happy #2 Kass and Nate.... we love you!!!!