Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Last weekend was fair weekend, and once our "entry" booklet arrived in the mail back in June, I had it in mind that I would take Mocha and try our luck in some classes. They have a number of classes for the mini's as they are getting quite popular in our neck of the woods. but before I get into the details of the day, I just want to give a few words about my dear friend Betty. Because had it not been for her, I am not sure this fun day would have ever happened. I think back on those cold winter days, when Betty came out to the farm to help me with Mocha and her driving. Walking up and down the drive way ground driving, then walking with Mocha on lead as we got her into cart, and just "giving up" her Sunday afternoons. Thank you my dear friend, and Mocha's ribbons are as much yours as they are mine!!!!

So, Friday morning was the day for the "in hand" and "driving classes" for drafts, mules, mini's and ponies. We arrived bright and early, I was feeling a bit nervous, but Mocha took it all in stride. She was actually quite exacted that she got two breakfasts (one at home and then one at the fair!!)

Our first class was "in hand". I didn't know anything about this class, so I just followed what everyone else was doing, and resorted back to my dog showing experience. There were five in the class... I thought we made a good presentation.

The Judge took a careful look at each little horse, they were all beautiful. Mocha and I placed fifth out of the five, but I have to say, I was pretty pleased. It was so much the ribbon as it was "being there and actually doing it"... and for me that fifth was as good as the grand prize!!!

We had a good fan club to cheer us on!!! My dear hubby.. Sadie and Abbie, Rick and Betty were all there to help me get ready for each class and just to enjoy the day together.

Next came the driving classes. I felt a little more comfortable in them, Mocha and I know more about driving than in hand. The same five little minis entered the driving class. It was really fun, and Mocha was wonderful. Easily changing gaits when I asked her to, turning smoothly and just doing a great job. After going around the ring , we all lined up. The judge looked us over again and then asked each one to have their horse back the cart up. I asked Mocha to back, and she acted as though she had never heard the command before.

This surprised me because she knows how to back the cart. But, not today. I wasn't the only one this happened to, two others didn't "know how" to back either. The judge just smiled and placed us third, as we were leaving the ring, he said to me "too bad she didn't back, I had her in mind for first".. oh well, just one of those things. Again, I was just thrilled to simply be showing.

Our last class was "pleasure driving for pony or mini".. into the ring we went again. By now, Mocha and I were feeling pretty good about everything. She went around the ring in great shape, and I was just having a wonderful time. It was pretty much like the other driving class we had done, so I knew what to expect. And guess what...
we placed first!!! a blue ribbon!!!! (can you tell how excited I was!!)
So...our little mini, the horse we bought on a whim, thought about selling when she was so bad in the cart, and now have fallen madly in love with... a blue ribbon winner!!!

Now, if you don't mind a bit of bragging, there are other ribbons to report on as well. My square that I made for the fair quilt.... took first.

Two of my photos got ribbons as well... the windmill/rainbow (seen in another blog) took a second and my dam goose took a fifth.

And another "surprise" blue... I entered this needlepoint piece.. and not only did it take a blue, but Judge's choice as well. Second year in a row that I was awarded the Judge's choice.....

By the end of the day, I could have joined Abbie for a little snooze, this certainly will go down in history as one of the most fun days ever. I still have lots to write about with regards to the fair, so check back dear reader!!!!