Wednesday, August 08, 2012

sad day :(

Yesterday was a very sad day here on the farm. Our little grey pony, Kringle, had to be put down.  Though these photos don't show it (I purposely hid that) he was very frail and was really beginning to show his age. I was in fear that "something" awful would happen, so before it came to that, I made "the" decision.
We only had him here on the farm for about two years. We kind of "rescued" him from a farm close by.. where he was always escaping and letting himself and two other horses out. His previous owner just wanted him to leave, so Sadie brought him here. We never really knew his age, other than "old".. but he was sweet and kind, and became Mocha's buddy.

They quickly became friends, and were together all the time. These pictures show how they were.... so, aside from us greatly missing his sweet spirit, Mocha will certainly miss her friend.  The "good" thing is, he went very peacefully, with the taste of apple and green grass in his mouth and loving hand petting him, the vet even commented that she would love to see all old horses "go that way"....and I will picture him galloping across wide green pastures in Heaven.......(and Abbie's request...."I want to  kiss him before he goes to Heaven"-- which she did)


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss Sue. I have no doubt you guys made Kringle's last couple years here very, very happy.

Give little Mocha a rub and tell her I am sorry for her loss as well.

Mary Ann said...

We, too, took in an elderly pony five years ago, and he spent the last three years of his life with us, a beautiful palomino yard ornament, and our good friend and companion. How we miss our Beau!
My heart goes out to you on your loss of Kringle... even though he was yours for a short time, he left his hoofprint on your heart.

Alex said...

so sorry sue- glad his golden years were so good- any animal you have is blessed...