Sunday, December 30, 2012

a very special visit....

The snow has all settled, it looks like winter around here, and I love taking pictures. But, with the snow often comes the cold, and it's been cold... we're not used to it yet!!!
When the winds come down the pasture, it kicks up the snow and make little whirlwinds.. pretty, but you don't want to be outside for that long.. which for me, is sad.. because I am very anxious to pull out a sleigh!!!!
If Christmas wasn't wonderful enough, look who's under our tree again this year. Yes, that Miss Ginger!!! A few days ago, Pastor Jane contacted me and said that she had this Sunday off from preaching. She thought it would be fun to come for a visit and bring Ginger back to church to see everyone. Well, you know how I felt about that!!!!
We went to church, and had a nice long visit afterwards. I doubt I will ever get tired of hearing of the adventures of Ginger. Her ministry work is going above and beyond what Pastor Jane had thought when she first got  Ging.... goes to show that God can work with all kinds of "things" to get his work done. I am just so pleased to know that this beautiful animal will remain a part of my life. We're planning on a visit to their church sometime soon, I can see visits like this going back and forth for many years to come.
Now, yesterday, as I was getting out of work, there was a beautiful light snow falling. Ed had cleared a path from this past week's storm for sleighing, and I couldn't wait to get out there. With the snow, and everything, it was going to be just perfect.
Got my boy all harness up... put the bells on, and went to help Ed pull the sleigh out... so  EXCITING!! until.... I heard Ed coming into the barn. 
I heard a very sad "I'm sorry". Knowing how excited I was to get going, while I was hitching, Ed tried to pull the sleigh and shafts out by himself, to have ready when Duke and I were ready. And in doing so, he tweaked the shafts, and broke the evener off. Which meant.. no sleighing to day.. or when Pastor Jane came. I was very disappointed, but these things do happen. So, it was off to by a new piece which Ed promises to have fixed so we can go sleighing on New Years Day when we have our open house. At least winter is just beginning and there will be plenty of days go... and of course, the visit with Ginger.. made everything ok.                                                  

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