Tuesday, January 08, 2013

road trip...

Today, Ed and I took a little day trip "down the coast". Not only was it a perfect winter day to go, and it was nice to have a change of scereny.. but it was also a "business" trip - if you will. My dear hubby needed to get a copy of his birth certificate in order to renew his license. And in order to do that, you must get it from the town that you were born in.
Now, we could have just "ordered" it threw the mail, but time was getting close and Ed was worried about getting it in time. It wasn't that far of a drive to get it, and Ed was kind of interested in seeing the town that he was born it, because, even though we have driven by it many times, we have never stopped in. There was also one other reason, though we knew the chances were extremely slim... that he might find someone who "knew" him. (that didn't happen)..
You see, my Ed was adopted. Which really isn't any "big" thing... he had great parents, a wonderful and happy childhood... but... he never knew he was adopted until after his Mom and Dad had passed.  We were going threw paperwork that was in a folder belonging to his Mom and he came across the certificate. It was a little surprising at first, especially when he saw that he was over a year of age when he was adopted.. and had a completely different name. He found a legal "change of name" certificate along with the adoption papers. He always knew that he was born in this little coastal town.. but never questioned why. 
The town clerk was very nice, and was quite interested in his story. She did not know of anyone in town with his "birth last name"...but she did tell us how to find the hospital where he had been born, and so we did a "drive by". Ed says one day, when he has some extra time, he does want to look into his story and see if he can find out some of the details.. but in the meantime, there are many unanswered questions.
From there, we traveled a bit further and had lunch at one of our favorite places. Anytime we are in the area, we always stop in at Moody's. The food is wonderful, the prices reasonable... and it's quite "famous"
It still carries it's old fashion charm, and it was nice to walk right in and have a meal. Come summer, I can tell you the line waiting to get in--- often extends into the parking lot!!!!
So, Ed got his birth certificate... we had a very nice lunch and a very nice day together.. and enjoyed the beauty of our great state....
And, if you ask me... it is the prettiest state in all of the US.....

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