Wednesday, January 23, 2013

we met "Tuesday"...

What a fun evening we had tonite. But, before this story really begins.. it actually began last summer. We were at camp, I was down by the water with the dogs, when Ed yelled out to me.. "come and see this, I think it's something you would like". Well, I almost didn't go up to check it out, but I am sure glad I did. Ed was flipping threw the tv channels, and caught glimpse of Lois Montalvan.. a veteran who had just published a book titled "Until Tuesday".. it is the story of his service dog, Tuesday, and how getting this dog truly saved his life. Now, I'm not going to give that story away.. and just encourage you to pick up a copy and read it yourself. It's a wonderful story and next summer (I believe) will be made into a movie.
So, after watching the interview on the tv, I went and got the book, and then I "found" Lois on facebook and became his "friend". I told him if he ever got to Maine, I would love to know and perhaps one day meet him and Tuesday.
That opportunity other friend, Suzan, (who has service dog, Friday!!!) sent a note to the puppy raiser group that Lois was going to be at Planet Dog for a talk and book signing... so, tonite, we trucked up to Planet Dog. It was a bitter cold night  (lucky for me) so there wasn't a huge crowd.
We brought Rylie with us... when I read "Until Tuesday" I was raising Ginger, and each time I get a new puppy, I would let Lois know. He thinks "we puppy raisers" are "amazing"...
His talk was very fun. He told about his life in the military... talked a little about his injury and PTSD... and how he heard about service dogs, and finally being matched with Tuesday. I knew much of his story from his book, but it was much better hearing it in "real life"....
Most of us from the puppy raiser group were there...( Bernice came along and brought her baby ZuZu).....and there were a number of both service dogs and puppies in training  . Just a great evening of good dog folks and dogs.... (one of my favorite kind of events)
Afterwards, Lois took the time to chat with us, and sign his book. Again because the crowd wasn't that large, we were able to spend some real time with him.
I was pretty excited to shake his hand and give my name a "face"... I got a big hug from him. Then we did a few photo opts (and please don't say anything about Ed and I in "twin" mode.... it happens alot, but that is another whole story!!!!)
Lois is a big dog person, and he was happy to meet Moxie and Rylie. He was very interested in NEADS and how our program works....
Tuesday was "off duty" so he happily in true golden style, schmoozed with Kelli and everyone else who had come to meet him.
And of course, I had to get a photo of Tuesday and Rylie together. Who knows, maybe one day.. Rylie will have a book written about her.!!! But, anyways, it was just a fun night.. and again, if you are looking for a really good read.. pick up a copy of "Until Tuesday".... you'll be glad you did!!!

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