Saturday, May 31, 2014

oh no.... Trevor!!!!!

Poor Trevor!!!! We have had some bad news about our little growly boy. For the past year or so I have been "watching" a cataract growing over his left eye. Sadly, this is typical with cockers, especially older ones.. and Trev is nearly 13. So, when I saw it happening, I just knew it needed to be watched. Well, over the weekend, it "changed", I couldn't quite describe "what had changed" but I knew it was "different". I called the vet and we went in to see what is going on here. 

About what I had "feared"... not only is there a cataract, but we are now dealing with glaucoma and for that ... there is no "cure". They measured the pressure of his eye and it was 45... which is way above the normal range, and it means that it's extremely painful. So, verdict... the eye needs to be removed. 

I have to say, I was pretty upset by this news. Not so much that he will lose his eye - which isn'/t great - but he can manage without it. Just the fact that at 13, he will have to go threw the surgery and then the recovery time. Poor little chap. I dropped him off at the clinic and was told to come for him in the afternoon. I also had them do the bloodwork ahead, just to be sure that he would handle the surgery well. 
and he did... in fact, when I talked with the vet afterwards.. they said his blood work and levels were excellent, better than they thought for a dog of his age. I was pleased to hear that, because he should heal quickly because he is in such good shape. He came home quite pitiful and you can tell that he is in some discomfort, but good pain meds will help with that. 

I put a big crate with lots of fluffy blankets right in front of the french doors, so that Trev can be a part of the family, but safe from being bumped by the others. This will be "home" for the next couple of weeks. Once I had him settled and got some meds into him, he went right to sleep, I know he is happy to be home. He's going to be sore for awhile, but once this all heals, he's going to feel so much better, and for now...he's going to be the one that gets all the special attention......  "love you growly boy!!!"

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