Tuesday, May 26, 2015

new bees.....

We have a new hive... which is very exciting, because not only does this one "replace" the hive we lost last winter... but the fact that we have one. I ordered this hive last January when I had discovered the other one had died.. so all winter/early spring, I have been awaiting this arrival. About a week ago, I got a note from our bee folks... but NOT what I was expecting. The hives that we had ordered from them... had been STOLEN!!!! all 50 hives that they ordered for clients.... GONE!!!! and worse news, they weren't so sure that they could find hives to replace them. 

So, who would steal bees and why. Well, turns out that those 50 that were taken were just a small number, actually over 300 hives were taken. All the hives were in nuc boxes and ready to be shipped. They were being "housed" in a field until the truck could come and get them, so it was easy for someone to just slip in - probably in the middle of the night, pack up the bees and be gone. With the loss of bees this winter (it is said on average 40% of the bees were loss).. everyone is looking for bees... including commercial bee people. Anyone who "knows bees" .. can easily see how easy they are to take and then repackage and sell.... pretty sad, but true. 

I told our bee people that I would like to remain on the list, and if they could find some for us, that would be great... I could only hope my patience would prove out... and it did. 

Another local bee keeper said he was splitting hives and would help were he could. So, I was very happy when we got a call to pack up our hive and go and get out bees.... 

they traveled well and we got them out in our bee yard and watched them fly. 
It's kind of funny how attached I am to "my bees"... though they don't have a clue as to who I am. I really felt so sad when I lost the others, and I will be very careful to keep a close eye on this hive...... there is some word that we might be able to get a second hive too, so I said to let me know.... not that I really want two hives, but after losing those hives, and knowing how much I miss them.. I am happy to have what I can. 

so.. things are buzzing around the farm once again...... and I am looking forward to happy bee keeping days......

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