Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 down.... 3 to go.....

I never really though of my Ed being one for politics... and really, he isn't.. he just really cares for the community that we live in and has always been one that has wanted to "give". So.. three years ago, he ran for selectman and was voted in. 

Overall, he has enjoyed the "job"... sure, it has it's parts.. and no one is ever happy with everything... but, he enjoyed the business side of it, the knowing the people in his town side of it, and even figuring out how to handle both the good and the bad. 

The term was (is) for three years, and when he got voted in, I thought "wow... three years, that's a big commitment... Abi will be almost six when this term is up".... Guess what.. the term is up!!!!! in the blink of an eye, three years has come and gone, and when I really think about it... I honestly find it scary....

None the less... Ed decided that he would like to try and run again. So, he did.... and so did another candidate.. which is good and bad. It's nice to have a little competition, but because Ed has been a selectman and is now known, there are always some who didn't like the way he (and the other two selectmen) did things.. and with an unknown candidate some will say  .. "let's try" him.

The vote was on the 9th.. Ed stood faithfully (12 hours) out side the polls to greet folks and remind them that he would really like another term. His running mate never showed up (except to vote) so we didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. 

About 1:00 am the town clerk called and said that Ed had "won"... it was a close race, but he was the winner.... and so, begins another three year term. Now, I think... Abi will be almost 9 when this term is done... and I really hope the upcoming years won't go by as quickly as these last three did.... but.... I'm sure they will...

in the meantime... congratulations Hunny!!!! and you know that you always have  my vote!!!!

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