Thursday, July 23, 2015

and Joey moves on.....

He came to us on February 16th.... a little black bundle of puppyhood.. and I remember the day well.. too well. We had it all lined up to turn in Danny and pick up Joey... OK....Danny was ready... and it's "easier" to trade one for one. And that morning was when we had to have Silver put down... and so poor Joey, came into a very sad family. 
But his sweetness shown threw and we gave him the nick name of Joey Jumping bean!!!! He moved right in, and became another member of the family. Service puppy in training, number nine!!!! He was (is) fun, confident, eager to please, and the time that he was here on the farm went flying by. 
Two weeks ago, I got the call from neads that they were ready to have him come back in. And so, it was time to get ready to pass on another sweet baby and send them off into the world to do what they are meant to do. Course advance training will be the tell tale, I never know "where they are headed" exactly... but I am always certain they go where they need to be. 

And so, today, with Kathleen and Abi in tow, I packed Joey up, took the "parting photos" that I always like to take around the farm... and headed out.....
The ride down was uneventful.... Joey was happy to hop out and stretch his legs. Lacy was waiting for us, and we took the time to talk about all of Joey's wonderful qualities and thoughts for what his future holds...
I wasn't able to get any last minute photos of my and Joey (I could have asked the staff, but just didn't feel up to doing that).. so I got these ones of Abi.... she is always so happy to be a part of these puppies and their training..... who knows, we may have a future puppy raiser!!!!
She wanted to walk him into the kennel, and I said that was fine.  And all in all, the parting went as they usually go.... me in tears and wondering why I do this.... and asking "when is the next puppy coming???" (we hope within the month!!!)

And so, hugs, kisses, best wishes and prayers for our Joey Jumping bean........he's off to do good works!!!!

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