Saturday, August 29, 2015

checkin in with Joey.....

The months just absolutely fly by when I'm raising a service puppy. I feel like it's either a "six week obedience session" or the "once a month check in's" that mark the time in life... either way, they seem to come quicker and quicker. 

Joey is turning out to be one handsome fellow.... he's a nice puppy too. I have so enjoyed out time together.. but the days are ticking by and he'll be heading back to neads. 

Kathleen, Linda and I (along with Joey and Otis) always have a great day when we are here. We eat out, walk threw the city, talk dogs, see old friends.... it's certainly a day of fun. 
Sadly, I didn't get all my city pictures like normal. The battery in the camera went and I didn't think to bring another.  So, these are the only ones that I took of the day. 
For the most part, it went as all the other visits have gone. We walked threw the city, Joey had his evaluation done... the weather and day were beautiful and we headed back for home....

Summer is flying by for sure.

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