Saturday, October 10, 2015

early celebration!!!

Some one special has a birthday coming up in a few days... so today, Papa and Baby "stole" Abi and we went out to breakfast. On the menu was a very special hot chocolate, and when they found it out it was a birthday celebration, they made it super special!!!

Is someone excited or what???

On top of that.... they made the pancake extra special as well.... it's good to be turning 6...

A little later in the day, it was party time. Abl wanted to keep with a Halloween theme... dressing up and having a combined sort of celebration. A "graveyard" cake...

And guests dressing up as their favorite.. Abi is into "Monster high dolls".. truthfully I'm not sure "what those are".. but they are about the size of the old Barbie dolls with about as many outfits.

Reagan was happy to come to his big cousin's birthday..... and of course, can't wait for his... (which is next spring!!!)

Abi was thrilled with all her gifts.. seems everyone really tried to get her what she had asked for.... oh to be six once again

Reagan was so good, it's hard to be this little and not "get anything"... but one needs to learn how this whole birthday thing works. He's just two... but his day will all be his

Happy birthday sweet girl... and many many more...

so fall is here for sure... it's time to start getting things buttoned up and ready for the winter days ahead. Ed got the field knocked down and then we'll borrow Dave's manure spreader and give the field and pasture a spread. It gets rid of the pile and give extra energy to the fields

I love the way the walkway looks and my little garden is doing well.  Onto my favorite time of year.....

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