Saturday, December 12, 2015

no snow...

so I have come to a decision about the little red sleigh... and that is to sell it. We bought it, obviously to go sleighing in, but I have only used it a couple of times, and find it to be too small for both myself and for Duke. Which is too bad, because I like the looks of it. However, it just has sat under the lean too for the longest time and I would rather move it on and perhaps find one more to my liking. 

I wasn't sure if anyone would buy it, but thinking it's Christmas time, and it's red... it would have a better chance of being bought... and so it has been. I think the lady who bought it is going to use it for sleighing, I hope so.. I hate to see these old beauties just sitting in the weather as someone's decoration... but, that's not my choice to  make...

I will admit, I felt a little sad to see it loaded in the back of the truck and taken away. I remember how excited I was to bring it home, but again, if I'm not going to use it, I don't want it sitting around... taking up space and just being underfoot.... so, the monies will be tucked away and I will look for another sleigh that will suit out needs. I still have the little box sleigh to use this winter... but if I find that one perfect sleigh, that one might go too.  Best wishes little red sleigh.. hope you have a happy new home

well, this event has been on the "to do list" for a few years... The speedway does this huge Christmas light show and Ed has always wanted to go and check it out. So, we grabbed Kass, Nate and Reagan... and headed over to see what exactly this was all about. We certainly weren't the only ones... the lines were long!!!! and this is just the first weekend they are open.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect... but I will say it was AWESOME. You do it by car and get to drive around the whole speedway (including some parts no the race track) and it is just full of all these wonderful display of lights. Many of them are moving. And there were all kinds of themes... Santa's of course.. and race cars of course.. but also small villages, and manger scenes and I just thought it was very well done and well worth the trip out there.

It was hard to get good photos.. so I didn't have too many that came out, but Reagan thought it was very neat and I would go another year.....

On another note... the weather has been so very odd.... no snow, and really almost warm most days... I beginning to think there will be no white Christmas for us.... and sometimes, it's hard to feel the spirit with this warmth...... the winter will come, I'm sure.. but I would like a little white for Christmas ... and sleighing!!!!

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