Wednesday, October 05, 2016

we're back

With the change of the leaves, and fall well here, there's another event that comes once again....

It's reading dog season!!! and Livy and I have been asked back to school to read with the children. This is such an honor and both Livy and I enjoy it so much.... she really missed being with the kids over the summer....

the reading teams this year, are Livy and I... Louise and Chief... Caron and Shelby. This is Shelby... he's young so Caron is going to be more of a fill in dog (as he was today because Chief couldn't come).. but I'm pleased to see the team is beginning to grow. Someday, perhaps, we will have a whole crew... but it takes time.

I'm (we're) still being considered for another school.. which if it happens that would be great and if not, then we tried... It's nice to see that people are realizing what dogs can bring to them and the world . The kids are so excited to read to them again, and I am happily looking forward to another great year.

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