Friday, January 27, 2017

a life changing decision.....

As much as I think of my blog as something personal..and I keep it as a diary if you will of my life and with the hopes that one day my brand's might enjoy reading about their brand parents life...I know full well that every word I put on the computer is available for the world to see. So,with all that being said,,,there are many things that I chose not to write about because it's basically just to personal to write about.

And though its no secret that my Dad is not well ..I haven't really written of just how sick he really is. It seems like he got threw Christmas and since then its been one thing after another for him. Each time the sickness has gotten harder and harder to fight and he's tired. 

My Dad has decided that the fight is done. We were all called in and he told us his decision is no more dialysis more pills and running to the doctors ... he feels its time to go home. 

We, of course , totally support him ...we have watched the toll its taking on him and Mom as well. We know this is a decision that has been well thought out and I know both Dad and Mom have talked it over in great detail. 

My Dad is so calm about it...extremely sad..but he is calm.  As he has done his whole life..plans are either being made or have been made. My Dad is very orgsnized, he's a planner ( as am I..wonder where I learned that) and except for a few things he hopes can happen...he's pretty much ready.

The question I?  I only know right now I am going to take advantage of every moment left. I'm going to do everything in my power to be sure both Dad and Mom have everything they need or want in the days ahead . And I'm going to treasure every moment.  Because as sad as it is...this is precious, extra time. Many are not granted time like this..they don't get those last words,..those last moments ,.but we do..and to the best of my ability...I'm calling this a blessed time.....

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