Thursday, May 11, 2017

a therapy dog test....

Livy and I were invited once again to be the " neutral" dog at the therapy dog test. She's a great little neutral dog and when it's time, she just walks across the room with hardly a look at the dog who is testing.
And that's super important today, because as it turns out Belinda and little bits are taking their test. I know that "b" had been super nervous about this test...but I also know they'll be great and when they entered the room and littlebits just sat like this...they would pass with flying colors.

Walking threw the crowd...distractions with medical equipment...neutral problem.
All obedience commands were stellar.....

And though I wasn't able to capture the final exercises..little bits not only passed, but she did it with a perfect score.

Another new pet partners therapy dog team...ready to bring smiles to many people...congrats you two!!!!

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