Monday, November 13, 2017

First snow

its Monday...visit day at the cancer center. Livy wsits, looking out the window ready to  greet all who arrive. She brings smiles to their faces and hopefully encourages them to face the day.  We've been busy with this therapy dog work, and I'm not sure who finds it more rewarding..the folks we visit with...livy or me.

But there is another special part to this day..Ed begins his new job with the highway department, and though it was a choice that we thought over carefully, he will miss being with the Brentwood crew..hard to think he's been there five years. 

And we also took into consideration...this!!

Our first bit of snow fell tonight, and Ed is out sanding and plowing the roads...that is the job, which also puts me in charge of keeping the driveway open here at the farm.

I know how to plow, have done it off and on for years, but now this is my job, and I'll take on one storm at a time. Tonight's dusting won't need to be bothered with, and will more than likely be gone by tomorrow afternoon..but seeing it makes this change really hit home. 
I'm actually more worried about power outages than plowing..starting the generator if needed isn't high on my list of things to do...but I'm not going to sit in the dark either, so I'll do what needs to be done.

In the meantime, I guess I can say winter is sneaking in, and here's a reminder of what's on its way.

Livy, Trevor , tazzy, the cats and I..will be handling the farm...watching over the farm crew , and my dear Ed will be keeping the big roads safe for everyone else.

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