Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NOT the weekend I had planned...

So, what's that old saying.. "the best laid plans"... or "If you want to make God laugh, TELL him your plans".... well, it's seems that both apply to my plans of this past weekend.

I woke up around 2:00 am Friday morning with my heart racing... I laid in bed for a few moments, wondering if I had had some kind of a night mare and then listened to hear if some noise woke me. Neither idea applied... I got up, went to the bathroom, and tried to pull it together and figure out what was going on. I didn't feel that great, but in the middle of night out of a sound sleep...who would, so I went back to bed. For the rest of the night I was up and down, not the way I felt at first, but just not feeling that great. Around 7:00, Ed kissed me goodbye and headed out for work, since I had nothing pressing that day, I decided to sleep again and just get up when I did. About an hour later, I gave up and got up.. still not feeling great.

I had a few dogs in for boarding, so I went to get them out and fed, and as I was going down to the kennel, I felt like I completely ran out of energy. I pushed threw, got the dogs out and their breakfast made, and then headed back  upstairs, thinking "I need to sit down".... I sat for a bit, then went to bring the dogs in and again, that same... out of energy feeling, followed by thinking I might faint. This scared me... so once the dogs were in, I decided I was going to call Ed home from work. I didn't dare head to the barn....

I called Ed at work and asked him to come home. Now since this is something that I NEVER do, everyone knew right away something was up. Ed must have called Kass, because she was right on the phone, and then Deb kept calling to check on me, but all I could do was sit in my chair.

Once Ed was home, I asked him to get the barn chores done, check the dogs, and then told him I  need to run down to the local ergent care and see what was going on. I felt kind of foolish, because one minute I wasn't great and then a few minutes later, I felt OK and was worried that I had "worried everyone else" for no reason. But we headed down to the ergent care just the same.

They checked me in, everything seemed OK.. blood pressure, temp... but then they checked my pulse and the nurse said "I'm just going to hook you up and take a look at your heart"... and then some how I knew (and she did in a mere couple of seconds)... I was in a-fib......I couldn't believe it!!!!! Now, we are well versed in "a-fib" because Ed has dealt with this for years, and I thought, "no way can it be my turn".... but sure enough.

so, they asked all the questions, "have I had this before, do I drink, smoke or whatever"... on and on.. of which I say no. And then on top of that, with the farm and the animals and the like, sitting around is NOT my life style, so why in world would this be happening. They kept me there for a while and I did begin to feel better, so talked to Ed about what we would have to finish up when I got home... mainly.. that Kas and I were going to have a yard sale at her house on Saturday and I hadn't finished packing up all the things I was going to bring. Ed smiled and said "hon... you're not having a yard sale... you'll be going to the hospital".... What????? I needed to be home... too much to do!!!

but, he hit the nail on the head.... a few hours later, after a nice ambulance ride.. I find myself at the hospital. They had already scheduled all kinds of tests and scans, so I wasn't in my room for a few moments and I was off. All the tests and scans showed everything perfectly normal (in fact, the doctor made a nice comment on how healthy and strong my heart  is)... and because I hadn't had anything to eat... they decided that I would be cardio-verted right away and get the heart back into normal rhythm.... this was all done before Ed even made it to the hospital. (he had gone back to the farm to make sure all the animals were settled before heading down).

I had an over night at the hospital (a very nice lobster roll for supper) and by Saturday morning I was more than anxious to get out and get home. My heart stayed in rhythm all night and the next morning the doctor came in and said... "it was unexplained why it happened"... teasing him I asked if Ed and I could have the "family plan"......

I have felt great since being home, the doctor said it would be good if I could get some weight off, watch the caffeine  and   resume my life and do everything that I always do. Other than feeling just a tad tired, I am back to normal and feeling great.

There is an excellent chance that it won't happen again... or for a very long time.. which is fine by me. It's a scary feeling, but one thing for sure, I have a super new appreciation for what Ed deals with when his heart acts up..... and I know we have been married for almost 32 years (on august 22nd).. and we share many things, often dress alike and even finish each other's thoughts, but sharing this... well.... now it's gone a bit too far!!!!!

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Linda said...

Oh, Sue! You two are a very precious couple and so 'made for' each other, but I hope you both don't have to deal with the heart issues together.

Praying for you both and thanking the Lord that you're feeling better.