Friday, May 02, 2014

O Danny Boy

What is more foolish than a puppy raiser??? I sort of think... nothing... for we chose to break our hearts at least once a year... and why??? You'd think I could answer that question... but I can't.. other than to say, I love the work that NEADS does.. I see what that work does, and I love what it does for me... so, I say goodbye to one, and hello to another... who just so happens to be... Danforth!!!!! 
I will call him Danny.... he's 11 weeks old, and there is already something very familiar in this little boy, who I have "owned" for one day.... he is Rylie's half brother. Same Mom... and I feel right away a kinship with this little chap... and we head straight on into the year ahead....Our first new friend and greeting upon arriving home... Mona..... who - at the moment - is the same size as our new little pal. 

The cockers are the next to say hello... and pretty much as I figured, the "old" ones look him over... and say to me "oh another one... thanks alot Mom"... but Livy - right away - sees a new playmate... and I know that this is going to be good. 
Labs and water... I'll have to remember to keep an eye on the water bowl while in housetraining mode. Lab puppies believe that if there is water.. it is to drink... but what goes in.. comes out!!!!
And then in typical Lab fashion... how about a nice little swim in this wonderful water bowl. Oh my.. how quickly I forget. But I have a feeling this little boy is going to be hugely excited when we get him to camp. I have a feeling I'll need to watch him there... he'll be swimming across the lake. Seems to me his older sister enjoyed swimming!!!!
After settling in at home... we must get out and meet the family. Grand babies are at the top of the list... and little Reagan, who is so close to walking, is a great first friend to meet. Danny thought this whole "tractor" thing was simply a neat idea and chose to hang out very close to his lively new friend....
A boy, a puppy and a tractor... what's the cute factor on that one?????
I see it all over again.... Abbie wasn't that much older when we raised Rylie.... maybe Danny boy and Reagan will have the same sort of "first year" together......

and there's no doubt that these two will be great friends... though I doubt the "size" thing is going to be equal for that long!!!!
Playtime now seems fair... but it won't be long before Livy will be looking up to her new friend.....
And you just have to know that Abbie fell immediately in love with our new little boy. And to add the fact that he and Rylie are related, only made this even better. She has taken over the training, and the leash, at least on the farm, isn't going to be in my hands much!!!!
Trips back and forth to the barn have already begun...... 

and training... well..... it's just an everyday thing... and we're going to get right to it!!!!!!

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Kathy D said...

What a wonderful life for everyone!