Thursday, June 30, 2016

and June slips by....

We are not home many days from our wonderful trip and we have another fun event to attend. Now I know this looks like a barn...and it is ..I love barns, so when I have a chance to see other barns I  love looking about. Like our homes each barn ha s its own personality and its so much fun to peek.
But look what else they indoor...what a dream that is. Especially in the north..riding year round....
However..the real reason for being on this beautiful farm is a wedding!!!! Our friends Kala and Josh are being married today. Now this farm doesn't really hold weddings but Kala's friend owned the farm and when she asked about having her wedding there..they said they would give it a try.

Farm themed weddings are very popular right now. I have wondered if we should think about hosting weddings on our farm...
The weather was beautiful. The country setting was perfect and it was a great day did the newly weds.

Kayla has two sweet girls that adore Josh and he like wise...a new family beginning their lives together.
And what's your wedding photos without one with your horse !!!

Kass, Nate and the brand's were invited too. Reagan had a ball and was on the dance floor the whole afternoon. All those cute bridesmaids were quite smitten by him!!!
Papa and Calvin

I was very honored when Reagan said to me... " come on with me!!!" I wasn't about to pass by this offer.
Sorry Reagan..think your proposal is a little too late.  But all  our very best wishes for many happy years together to  Kala and Josh....

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