Friday, August 26, 2016

our last check in day.......

Check in day at needs.... Logan is always happy to be going and seeing what adventures lie ahead... The day was pretty, Kathleen and Linda went along and we were happy for a fun day ahead. 
Upon arrival, Logan pretty much did what Logan does... gets comfortable and waits. She always has done this, if the time is getting too long, she just settles in.... she's a very calm and sweet girl and I think this part of her personality will certainly be considered when she is "assigned" a job to do...

As usual, there are always things happening at needs. This week they had a number of clients there working with their new dogs.. and dogs in training. This sweet little rescue dog will more than likely be trained as a hearing dog. Needs does use shelter dogs where they can.. especially for the hearing program.

Because Logan is so steady and I have done "everything" that I can possibly think to do with her. Annie had a hard time of thinking where we should work today. Logan is ready for turn in....the time has come, and this does happen when the puppies are ready.. I can't think of anything "new" to do with them. 

Annie hasn't had the chance to see Logan around water, so she took us to a little public beach which is beside a pretty lake. She wanted to make sure that Logan wouldn't try to just run out into the water. Which as a service dog, is she were to see water and just run for it, could be a bad thing for her owner. Logan likes the water OK, I've taken her to camp, but I knew that unless I went in the water, she wouldn't be interested in going in.... which is exactly what she did.  She watched the people swimming, and a few other dogs around, but basically was happy just to hang us with me.

And then, in true Logan style, when she saw we were going to be here for a bit, she laid down and waited ... just enjoying all the sights and sounds.

She does love children, and so when a few kids came by and asked to pet her, I said yes. This is as much of a reward as food would be....

After the lake we headed into town. Logan walked nicely with me, some fire trucks went by... big trucks... people walking... skate boards, and she just walked along. I am certainly impressed with her, and I know Annie is too.

We stopped by some statue lions... she hardly even notice.

And then we popped into a shop, where the employees know the dogs well. Logan was calm and sweet... and again I allowed petting as a reward..... 

Our last stop in town was a little diner... Logan and Maddie went right under the table and you never even knew they were there. 

We went back to needs and met with Lacey, and found out that a spot has opened for Logan and she can go back at anytime. At first I thought I might just leave her there, but then with Hunter "leaving" last week, I just couldn't do it. I also had plans to take her to the fair this weekend... so, she has come home for the weekend, and next week, will return to needs and off on her  next adventure. 

She has been one of the "good ones".. I am going to miss her dearly, but I know she has a bigger mission to fill and I am just one of her stepping stones to that spot...

still... goodbye is going to be hard

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