Wednesday, August 31, 2016

summer projects

The back deck steps are making progress... I guess one thing I have been learning living here on the farm is patience. We begin projects only to often have other projects step in and then the ones begun have to wait. The thing is, we do eventually get them done, just not as quick as I would like. 

I wanting these steps done because it will be handy for me and the dogs. As Trev, Cam, and Tazzy get older, it would be nice for them to have use of these steps. We have a doggie door in the pantry door and Hunter was actually using it to spend time out on the deck. Trev probably won't use it, and Taz has trouble getting in and out of it, but I can still just open the door and have them go. Livy will be taught the dog door and she will more than likely get the most use of these steps.

Logan was quite interested in them.... but she'll not get the chance for I doubt they will be done before she heads back to needs.... 

Ah.. time, why is there never enough of you.

I am pleased to say that we have been using the deck. Especially in the morning.. when Ed is home we have made a point of going out there for a coffee and a chance to sit together. It's been nice. I haven't had as many cookouts as I would like, but the fall still has lots of good weather, so the season isn't done yet. 

Ed spent all one day just cutting the stringers... the fussy work... once these are done and in place, then the treads and rails should go fairly quick

So much to it.. the stairs must have an even step... you have the ground landings to consider... talk about using math skills....

Getting closer!!!!

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