Thursday, October 20, 2016

morning chores and moving on.....

Such a pretty morning, and for me... the best time of the year. From now until New year's this is my favorite time... the days are shorter, but cooler ... the outside is so pretty and the nesting thing kicks in full before the winter weather. I think of projects... both things for Christmas and the quilts (which is a hopeful statement) that I will finish this year
On this morning, the barn is still quiet, but that's only because no one has seen me yet... once they discover I'm on the way... it all comes alive

Annabelle is usually the first one to say hello... she comes running down the drive with good morning meows... I always have to take a few moments and give her a good pat. It's also a time to check her for ticks, which (sadly) I have found a few on her lately.... I alway think about the time we "lost" her and I am just so happy to see that she is still here with us. I never did find out where she was during those weeks, but she has totally recovered and I do notice, keeps closer to the barn now a days. 

Behind her comes Mona... who, for the summer anyways, has lived out in the barn with Annabelle. She sometimes comes up to the house, but mostly thinks she's one of the barn cats. I don't know if it's because Henry moved in, or if maybe she's making up for lost time when she was solely a house cat, but either way... the outside suits her... she happy and healthy and seems to be very happy at where she is in life.

and now.. I've been seen... and we have anxious equines waiting for their breakfast to be served.

The big guys are still on full pasture, but that will be ending soon. It's just Duke and Tonka now... Lucky has been taken to her owner's home and is no longer with us. I don't know if the boys miss her or not.... they always hung out together, but she certainly ruled them with an iron foot... literally... Duke often came in with new kick marks.. so I'm sort of mixed as to whether we will miss her or not

We weren't too sure how the colors would be this year... with the drought we have over the summer, there was some talk that the leaves were too dry and would just fall away before getting into color. But, the trees at the edge of the paddock look pretty fine to me.

I actually had some success at gardening this year. My walkway garden looked great all summer, and then to my surprise.. the mums that I planted there last year came back... bigger than ever!!!! I didn't know that mums could return but these have... which is kind of neat, because now I won't have to buy any.... 

I don't do much in the way of decorating for Halloween.. but I did get my dog and a few pumpkins out.... he's looks pretty good sitting on the corner of the water garden.

And here are the last of my boys... for the past year and half I have been working with veterans and their dogs with a group called  Canine Community Corps... this group worked with the men and their dogs, getting them ready to work as service dogs. Well, a month ago, it was decided that the group would close... mainly because there is no one interested in running it or growing it... I wish it were a project I could take on, but truly.. I give them all I can and it's not enough either. So.. tonight I met with Lexi and Matt..... and Gary with Jill.. and put them threw the public access test..


They both passed easily and signing the paperwork can now be considered PTSD service dogs. Julie, who was the founder of the program was there to watch the last  of the dogs work and bid farewell... it was a bittersweet moment.

As I watched Gary and Jill head off, I can only think it was a fun "project" and I know that something else will more than likely show up and take "it's" place... there never seems to be lack of things to do for me.  So, I wish the guys good luck, and remind them that I will always be their trainer... and look to see what comes along

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