Thursday, December 01, 2016

on the road on this first day.......

So... early in the fall.. I was playing around on the computer and hopped onto Colonial Williamsburg site. We love Williamsburg and haven't been there in a while. I've been thinking it would be fun to go again this year for the Grand Illumination  and discovered that they were running some package deals... so I called. Well, the deal I called about was a good one, but they were offering one even better, and honestly I just couldn't pass it up. So, I booked us in for the holiday weekend.  I worried a little about doing it, with Dad's health issues I don't like being too far from home, but he told me that we should go.... and so, as a surprise I kept it from Ed, thinking it would be a nice gift... but , I couldn't keep quiet. 

With Astrid watching over the farm, and pennies saved all fall, we headed out this morning.... our plan is to drive down as far as we can this first night, but to be in Williamsburg as early as possible so we don't miss one moment there. This is the Tappenzee bridge... I "hate" bridges, and there are several big ones to cross on this trip. I mainly took these photos, because they are working on a new bridge and one day --- I guess -- this bridge will no longer be used... so it's gets its photo in the blog!!!

Next to bridges, I don't like tunnels either.... and we have those to deal with too.  We often have gone across the Chesapeake bay which has both bridges and tunnels... but this time, we are kind of in a hurry, so talking the most direct route. 

We did quite well, and got much further than we thought... and probably would have pushed threw, except that we have no place to stay in Williamsburg on this first night... so, we stopped just north of Richmond and tomorrow, we're just a couple hours away from being "there".... after our sadness on the farm, it's fun to be on the road, and going to that special place that we both love so much.  We talk about the day we bring the grands here, and are looking forward to this weekend, and vacations in the future...

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